Rotary Torque Transducers | Brushless Type

This section illustrates Applied Measurements’ range of rotary torque transducers that utilise brushless, non-contact technology for the transfer of signal and power to suit measurement applications  involving multiple revolutions or constant rotation.

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ETH Approved UK Distributor Sticker

We are an approved UK distributor of the ETH Messtechnik torque sensors manufactured in Germany.

Brushless rotary torque transducers are typically used in applications where high rotational speeds or duty cycle feature.  Maximum rotational speeds of up to 37,000rpm (depending on capacity) are available as standard, with higher speeds possible in some instances.

Rotary torque sensors are available with measuring ranges from 0-0.02Nm to 0-50kNm as standard.  Higher capacities can be designed to suit your specific requirements when required.

Available mechanical configurations include parallel shaft (keyed or plain), male/female square drive and flange-to-flange as standard with alternative connection methods such as flange-to-shaft available through specially designed couplings or customisation as appropriate.

All brushless rotary torque sensors provide an output that is conditioned by a high performance amplifier to provide a ±5Vdc signal as standard with ±10Vdc as an option.

All rotary torque sensors can be supplied with analogue or digital instrumentation including amplifiers and signal conditioners, signal digitisers, displays and indicators and wireless radio telemetry equipment.  Calibration traceable to UKAS standards is available on all torque transducers and systems.

For slower rotational speeds and less arduous duty please see our range of slip ring rotary torque transducers.

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DRDL Dual-Range Rotary Torque Sensor
Dual-Range Rotary Torque Sensor | DRDL

0-0.5Nm to 0-1500Nm
From £4,846
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DRBK Low Cost Rotary Torque Sensor
Low Cost Rotary Torque Sensor | DRBK

0-0.5Nm to 0-1000Nm
From £1,554
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DRVL High Accuracy Brushless Rotary Torque Transducer
Shaft type Brushless Rotary Torque Sensor | DRVL

0-0.02Nm to 0-20kNm
From £2,626
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DRWPL Rotary Waterproof Torque Sensor
Waterproof Rotary Torque Sensor | DRWPL

0-0.1Nm to 0-1500Nm
From £4,288
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DTDR-F Wireless Radio Telemetry Rotary Torque Transducer
Wireless Rotary Torque Sensor | DTDR-F

0-10Nm to 0-50,000Nm
From £3,625