Submersible Load Cells | Underwater Load Cells | IP68

This section illustrates our range of submersible load cells and force sensors designed for fully submerged and underwater measurement applications including subsea, ROV, marine and offshore renewable energy.  They are also suitable for situations where flooding or temporary submersion may occur.

The DDEN and STALC load cells have been specifically designed for submersion, whilst other illustrated models can be modified for use in applications where they will be subject to harsh environmental conditions or fully submerged thorough the use of ‘O’ rings and high integrity cable glands or subsea connectors.  The STALC submersible load cell features pressure compensation which minimises the effect of pressurisation on the sensor’s output signal.

All models can be supplied with analogue or digital instrumentation including amplifiers and signal conditioners, signal digitisers, displays and indicators and wireless radio telemetry equipment.  Calibration traceable to UKAS standards is available on all load cells and systems.

Should you not see a suitable load cell in this selection, or one that is would work if modified slightly please contact us to discuss the design of a custom product, and area in which we specialise.  Our expert sales engineers are always on-hand to discuss your requirements.

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CCDHA High Accuracy Column Compression Load Cell
High Accuracy Column Load Cell | 0.1% | CCDHA

0-2te up to 0-1000te
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DBCL High Capacity In-Line Column Load Cell
In-Line Column Load Cell | High Capacity | DBCL

0-1te up to 0-150te
From £638.50