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    Industrial Low Cost Weighing Platform | Weighing Scale | WPX

    Economical, Robust & Accurate, with Easy Access Junction Box
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    Accelerated delivery available
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    At a Glance

    • Capacities: 0-150kg up to 0-3000kg
    • IP67 OIML Approved Load Cells
    • Accuracy: <±0.1% of Rated Output
    • Mild Steel Construction
    • SS Sealed Junction Box & Summing Board
    • Tough Powder-Coated Blue Finish
    • Platform Height Approx. 115mm to Weighing Area
    • Low Height & Compact – Easily fits where space is limited
    • Free Standing, Pit Mounted or with up to 4 Ramps
    • Simple Setup with Easy Access Junction Box
    • Sealed Junction Box with Summing Board for Load Cell Adjustment
    • Level & Accurate Weighing with Height Adjustable Mounting Feet 
    • Contains Dust Tight, Waterproof Shear Beam Load Cells
    • Ideal for Harsh Industrial Environments
    • Customisation Available – To suit your specific application


    Applied Measurements WPX industrial low cost weighing platform has been designed specifically for use in industrial environments thanks to their IP67 accurate shear beam load cells, 5mm durbar top plate and tough powder-coated mild steel construction.  The industrial weighing platform has an overall IP65 environmental protection.

    Service and setup is fast and simple with easy junction box access.  Plus, the stainless steel sealed junction box houses a summing board, ensuring quick and precise loadcell adjustment.  The WPX industrial low cost weighing platform has free motion, fully height adjustable stainless steel rubber based mounting feet, which promises level and accurate weighing.

    Our WPX industrial low cost weighing platform has capacities from 0-150kg to 0-3000kg as standard, in a number of platform sizes and with custom higher capacity or bespoke sizes available.

    We can supply the WPX industrial low cost weighing platform calibrated with a signal conditioner or digital display from our range of precision instrumentation to provide a complete weighing platform system to suit your application.

    Technical Specifications

    Rated Capacity (RC)kg150, 300, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000
    Operating ModesCompression Only
    Sensitivity (RO)mV/V2.0 nominal
    Accuracy±%/Rated Output<0.1
    Temperature Effect on Zero±%/Rated Output/ ˚C<0.003
    Temperature Effect on Sensitivity±%/Applied Load/ ˚C<0.015
    Bridge ResistanceOhms85 nominal
    Excitation VoltageVolts AC or DC2 to 15 (10 recommended)
    Operating Temperature Range˚C-10 to +60
    Compensated Temperature Range˚C0 to +50
    Storage Temperature Range˚C-10 to +60
    Safe Overload% of Rated Capacity150
    Ultimate Overload% of Rated Capacity300
    IP Rating (Environmental Protection) of Shear Beam Load CellsIP67
    Overall IP Rating (Environmental Protection) of Weighing PlatformIP65
    Cable Length (as standard)metres5
    Cable Type4-core screened
    Construction MaterialMild Steel

    Product Dimensions

    ModelDimensionsLoad Cell Rating
    WPX0606600mm x 600mmIP67 OIML Approved
    WPX10101000mm x 1000mmIP67 OIML Approved
    WPX12101250mm x 1000mmIP67 OIML Approved
    WPX12121250mm x 1250mmIP67 OIML Approved
    WPX15121500mm x 1250mmIP67 OIML Approved
    WPX15151500mm x 1500mmIP67 OIML Approved
    Other dimensions available on request.
    Approximate platform height is 115mm to weighing area.

    Ordering Codes & Options

    WPX 600mm x 600mm

    Core ProductDimensionsCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeResult
    WPX600mm x 600mm150kg5000WPX0606-150kg-005-000
    WPX600mm x 600mm300kg5000WPX0606-300kg-005-000
    WPX600mm x 600mm600kg5000WPX0606-600kg-005-000
    WPX600mm x 600mm1000kg5000WPX0606-1000kg-005-000
    WPX600mm x 600mm1500kg5000WPX0606-1500kg-005-000
    WPX600mm x 600mm2000kg5000WPX0606-2000kg-005-000
    WPX600mm x 600mm3000kg5000WPX0606-3000kg-005-000

    WPX 1000mm x 1000mm

    Core ProductDimensionsCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeResult
    WPX1000mm x 1000mm150kg5000WPX1010-150kg-005-000
    WPX1000mm x 1000mmcontinued up to 3000kg5000WPX1010-3000kg-005-000

    WPX 1250mm x 1000mm

    Core ProductDimensionsCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeResult
    WPX1250mm x 1000mm150kg5000WPX1210-150kg-005-000
    WPX1250mm x 1000mmcontinued up to 3000kg5000WPX1210-3000kg-005-000

    WPX 1250mm x 1250mm

    Core ProductDimensionsCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeResult
    WPX1250mm x 1250mm150kg5000WPX1212-150kg-005-000
    WPX1250mm x 1250mmcontinued up to 3000kg5000WPX1212-3000kg-005-000

    WPX 1500mm x 1250mm

    Core ProductDimensionsCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeResult
    WPX1500mm x 1250mm150kg5000WPX1512-150kg-005-000
    WPX1500mm x 1250mmcontinued up to 3000kg5000WPX1512-3000kg-005-000

    WPX 1500mm x 1500mm

    Core ProductDimensionsCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeResult
    WPX1500mm x 1500mm150kg5000WPX1515-150kg-005-000
    WPX1500mm x 1500mmcontinued up to 3000kg5000WPX1515-3000kg-005-000

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