Hygienic Weighing Platform | Single Point Stainless Steel | WPSPS

Ideal for Accurate Hygienic Washdown Applications

VWSPM weighing platform single point
VWSPM-with-Column-weighing-platform-single-pointVWSPM-with-Column-side-weighing-platform-single-pointWPSPS Hygienic Weighing Platform
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At a Glance

  • Capacities: 0-3kg up to 0-300kg
  • High Accuracy: <±0.1% of Rated Capacity
  • 5mm Thick Base Plates
  • Environmental Protection: IP67 or Optional IP69K OIML Approved
  • Optional 300mm or 600mm Column
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • IP67 Protection Ideal for Wet & High Hygiene Applications 
  • Fully Waterproof Flow-Through Design
  • Stainless Steel & Smooth Professional Buffed Finish
  • Smooth, Dirt and Water Trap Free
  • Level & Accurate Weighing with Height Adjustable Mounting Feet
  • Contains One Accurate Single Point Load Cell
  • Customisation Available – To suit your specific application


Applied Measurements WPSPS hygienic weighing platform contains an accurate IP67 waterproof or optional IP69K steam jet cleaning protection rated single point load cell within the platform meaning that only one load cell is required centrally positioned to make an accurate weighing system.  The hygienic weighing platform has an overall protection rating of IP67 (optional IP69K for steam-jet cleaning).

Thanks to their flow-through modern smooth curved design the hygienic weighing platform is waterproof and dirt-trap free.  Using the optional IP69K load cells within the platform guarantees the weighing platform for use in high hygiene areas ensuring it can be pressure washed safely.

The Applied Measurements WPSPS hygienic weighing platform has a two-piece laser-cut buffed stainless steel removable 304-grade top plate.  Plus, height-adjustable stainless steel rubber-based mounting feet which promise level and accurate weighing.

Applied Measurements hygienic weighing platform comes in capacities from 0-3kg to 0-300kg as standard in a number of platform sizes with custom higher capacity or bespoke sizes available.  All models have can be provided with 300mm or 600mm high columns.

We can supply the WPSPS hygienic single point weighing platform calibrated with a signal conditioner or digital display from our range of precision instrumentation to provide a complete weighing platform system to suit your application.

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Technical Specifications

Hygienic Weighing Platform WPSPS Dimensions
ModelDimensionsCapacitiesLoad Cell Rating
WPSPS3030/67300mm x 300mm3kg to 150kgIP67 Stainless Steel
WPSPS4040/67400mm x 400mm3kg to 150kgIP67 Stainless Steel
WPSPS5050/67500mm x 500mm6kg to 150kgIP67 Stainless Steel
WPSPS6040/67600mm x 400mm6kg to 150kgIP67 Stainless Steel
WPSPS6060/67*600mm x 600mm6kg to 150kgIP67 Stainless Steel
WPSPS3030/69K300mm x 300mm3kg to 150kgIP69K Stainless Steel
WPSPS4040/69K400mm x 400mm3kg to 150kgIP69K Stainless Steel
WPSPS5050/69K500mm x 500mm6kg to 150kgIP69K Stainless Steel
WPSPS6040/69K600mm x 400mm6kg to 150kgIP69K Stainless Steel
WPSPS6060/69K*600mm x 600mm6kg to 300kgIP69K Stainless Steel
*WPSPS6060 is built from box section rather than folded laser cut plates. This additional strength allows this larger platform to be used up to 300kg.

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