Weighing Platforms | Industrial Weighing | 0-3000kg

Applied Measurements offers a wide range of weighing platforms to suit your industrial weighing application.  They are designed for compression measurement and are suitable for most industrial environments.

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Our selection of weighing platforms offer standard ranges from 0-150kg up to 0-3000kg, with custom ranges available on request.  They come in stainless or mild steel depending on your environment and weighing application requirements.  All our weighing platforms contain high accuracy shear beam load cells which are accurate to less than ±0.1% of the rated output.

Many of the platforms below have height-adjustable mounting feet to ensure level and accurate weighing.  They are ideal for tabletop or on-the-floor weighing.

We can supply hygienic platforms, designed specifically for the food industry, which have a waterproof IP67 protection rating.  Plus, we can also supply IP69K protection rated weighing platforms which are ideal for steam jet cleaning in a food production environment.

All of the below platforms can be supplied with our wide range of instrumentation which comes calibrated to UKAS traceable standards.

These platforms are ideal for drum & canister weighing, agricultural weighing, aggregate weighing and pallet weighing.

Take a look at our weighing platforms below or give us a call to discuss a customised platform for your specific needs.

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VWSPM weighing platform single point
Hygienic Weighing Platform

0-3kg up to 0-300kg
From £632
WPX Industrial Low Cost Weighing Platform
Industrial Low Cost Weighing Platform

0-150kg up to 0-3000kg
From £580.50
WP Industrial Weighing Platform
Industrial Weighing Platform

0-300kg up to 0-3000kg
From £1,314
VWSPM weighing platform single point
Weighing Platform Single Point

0-3kg up to 0-300kg
From £441