DSC-USB Digitiser Connects Strain Gauge Sensors to Your PC Quickly and Easily

DSC-USB strain gauge digitiserWant an easy and cost effective way to convert a transducer signal to a digital input for your PC? Try Applied Measurements’ compact DSC-USB strain gauge digitiser.  This compact digital signal conditioner delivers high performance and high accuracy measurement readings from any full-bridge strain gauge sensor direct to your PC, via your USB port.  Using the free DSC toolkit software means you can view the readings immediately on your PC and interpret the data instantly, with no need for additional amplifiers.

With its USB connectivity, the DSC-USB can provide high stability readings direct to your computer and as the DSC-USB is available ex-stock for £249, it can be delivered without delay, enquire today.  The device is powered by the USB port so there is no need for any external power supplies.  By downloading the free DSC toolkit, you can calibrate your transducer with the DSC-USB in your required engineering units and resolution.  Or let us do the calibration for you, as we can offer a UKAS Traceable calibration service.  This ‘plug and play’ direct connection to your PC, means you can view the live readings immediately on screen and log your measurement results to a.CSV file, for easy import and manipulation into Excel or any other spreadsheet program, at rates up 100Hz (100 readings per second).  If a single channel isn’t enough, by downloading the DSCLog24 software, multi-channel systems can also be supported.

DSCUSB ToolkitThe DSC-USB works with any full-bridge strain gauge sensors and is available ex-stock for £249.  If you need a quick turnaround, we carry DBB series and DBBSM S-Beam series load cells in stock, available for quick delivery.  Likewise, we can easily and quickly supply a selection of DSCC pancake style load cells, mV/V pressure sensors and mV/V torque transducers, plus many more, contact our sales team for details.  The AML/SGD high accuracy displacement sensor is also a stock item and can be provided immediately along with the DSC-USB.  Combining the above sensors with the DSC-USB strain gauge digitisers will provide a highly accurate, swift digital solution.

The DSC-USB high stability cost effective system was recently requested by a customer in South America, who asked us to provide calibrated load cells and DSC-USB units for a laboratory.  The laboratory required a cost efficient but highly accurate system throughout the workshop.  Applied Measurements’ DSCC pancake series and DBB S-Beam series load cells calibrated together with DSC-USB digitisers, were chosen not only for their high performance but also for their ability to give immediate and accurate readings straight to the laboratory PCs.

DBB s-beam load cell and DSCUSC load cell digitiser in case.
This DSC-USB is available ex-stock for only £249, delivering a fast turnaround for an economical price.  Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable technical sales team now on +44 (0)1189 817339 or email info@appmeas.co.uk to discuss this high accuracy cost effective digital solution.

2 thoughts on “DSC-USB Digitiser Connects Strain Gauge Sensors to Your PC Quickly and Easily

  1. Very interested in your strain gauges and computer interface.
    Please send me full details plus a price for 2 sets or strain gauges and interfaces.

    These are for internal use, tension only, with loads up to a maximum of 500 kg each.
    Resolution needs to be better than +- 2 kg.



  2. Dear Sirs
    It is very good data logging system.Request to mail data record and information generated on laptop as to know application in different engineering units.what are lowest shipping /postal parcel charges to India. What is concession as we are small unit.

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