How to get strain gauge readings instantly to your phone or tablet

B24-SSB Bluetooth Strain Transmitter with phone

With the new B24-SSB Bluetooth strain transmitter, you can have instant wireless Bluetooth signal from your strain gauge sensor sent directly to your mobile phone or tablet.

Its fantastic benefits include:

  • Instant Bluetooth Readings using BLE
  • Wide Input Sensitivity Range: +/-6mV/V, +/-12 mV/V, +/-24 mV/V, +/-48mV/V
  • Transmission Range up to 90m
  • Monitor up to 12 Transmitters on a Single Mobile Device
  • IP67 Immersion Protected Enclosure or OEM Board Only Versions
  • High Measurement Resolution – 5 Settings Available
  • FREE iOS & Android App with Advanced PIN Protection
  • Download the Datasheet

Wide Sensitivity Input +/- 6mV/V, +/- 12 mV/V, +/- 24 mV/V, +/- 48mV/V

You can choose from 4 different sensitivity input ranges of +/- 6mV/V, +/- 12 mV/V, +/- 24 mV/V, +/- 48mV/V, depending on the output of your sensor, which allow it to accurately deliver measurements to a transmission range of between 30m to 90m line of sight (depending on the age and quality of the viewing device).

High Measurement Resolution – 5 Settings Available

There are five different settings available which are switchable within the Bluetooth strain transmitter.  The resolution ranges from 14.25 bits (best battery life) to 16.75 bits (30% battery life).  It can produce a noise-free resolution of 1 in 92000 counts (16.5 bit) when using a 3mV/V sensor and 1 in 184,000 counts (17.5 bit) with a 6mV/V sensor, giving you more useable results.

Single or Multiple Receivers Simultaneously

The B24-SSB uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver the data to single or multiple Bluetooth receivers simultaneously.  Plus, multiple B24-SSB Bluetooth strain gauge transmitters can be used to send data to a single Bluetooth receiver or multiple Bluetooth receivers, making this ideal for multi-sensor and multi-channel setups.

B24-SSB Bluetooth strain transmitter receivers and transmitters diagram

Versatile Integration IP67 Enclosure or OEM Format

For easier integration into your application, the B24-SSB Bluetooth strain transmitter is available in 2 versions.

  1. An IP67 dust-tight and immersion protected enclosure with an integrated battery holder.
  2. The bare board, suitable for direct integration for OEM applications.

Bluetooth strain transmitter with OEM version

FREE & Secure iOS & Android App

The mobile app interface displays the data from your strain gauge sensor in real-time and on highly configurable dashboards.  The data can be viewed as digital displays, gauges, tanks and charts and defined as mathematical expressions.  Plus, it has an export feature to enable simple sharing and importing of pre-made dashboards to save you setup time.  The app also assists the configuration and calibration of the B24-SSB Bluetooth strain transmitter.

Advanced PIN protection ensures that users cannot view or alter the information without the correct access.  Thanks to the View PIN, Configuration PIN and Calibration PIN, you can be certain that your data is secure.

How Fast Can I Get It?

Order today and you can have the B24-SSB Bluetooth strain gauge transmitter in 1 week from £225.00 in enclosure (exc. VAT) and £152.00 OEM board version (exc. VAT).  Call us on (+44) 0118 981 7339 or email us.

Download the Datasheet