Links to Other Useful Websites

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

The NPL is the UK’s National Measurement Institute and offers a wide range of services including calibration and testing of most types of metrological instruments to UKAS and International Standards, plus consultancy, R&D and training.

United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

The UKAS is the sole, government-appointed authority that assesses organisations which provide calibration and testing services.  All our in-house load and pressure calibration facilities are all traceable to UKAS National Standards.

International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML)

The OIML defines and provides guidelines and procedures concerning the manufacture and test of metrological instrumentation to companies and organisations in member countries across the world.


SensorLand provides a huge amount of technical information detailing the operating principles of almost every type of sensor commonly used for metrological purposes along with application papers giving examples of their typical uses.

eFunda: Engineering Fundamentals

eFunda is a comprehensive online reference for engineers, offering a list of the chemical elements, material compatibility information, maths equations and formulas, plus design and process information.

The Engineers Club Online Resources

The Engineers’ Club strives to be a “PLACE” for engineers and technical professionals around the world to find resources and links to other helpful sites. We try to create an attitude of sharing knowledge and helpfulness among the “members” of our global engineering and technical community.

Mantracourt Electronics

Mantracourt Electronics are based in Exeter and provide all of the analogue and digital signal conditioning used by Applied Measurements along with their cutting-edge T24 wireless telemetry sensor electronics.