Wireless Portable Printer for Microtronics BlueForce Gate Force Testers

Compact, Lightweight, Instant, Microtronics Wireless Printer

FTP wireless portable printer for BlueForce Speedforce Gate Impact testers
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At a Glance

  • Weight = 150 grams
  • 58mm Paper Width
  • Printing Head Approx. Lifetime: 100km
  • Paper Type: Thermal
  • Working Temperature: -10/+50 °C
  • USB Cable Interface Available
  • Wireless Interfaces Available: Bluetooth 4.1 (for BlueForce Smart) and Bluetooth 2.0 Standard
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • For use with Microtronics BlueForce/SpeedForce Gate Impact Force Testers ONLY
  • Ideal if you Want a Hard Copy of the Test Results On-Site
  • Saves You Time – Prints Instant Reports using Bluetooth
  • Extremely Light Weight and Portable
  • Easy to Carry to the Test Site – No PC Required
  • Prints Fast at 90mm per Second
  • Li-Ion Battery Power Source with Battery Charger Included.


The light weight wireless portable printer means you can print on-the-spot test reports from your Microtronics SpeedForce/BlueForce gate impact force tester.  This printer is ideal if you want to print a hardcopy of the pass/not pass test results directly on-site.

At only 150 grams this light weight printer is easy to carry to the test site without the need for an additional PC as all the data is transferred from the BlueForce via Bluetooth.  It comes with a uniquely designed carry case to make transport even easier.

To save the operator time, the test reports come partially compiled enabling the engineer to tailor the report to the specific test performed.  With print speeds of up to 90mm per second this printer is designed for fast results.  The engineers can choose whether they would prefer a ‘long’ or ‘short’ pass/not pass report to suit their requirements.

The FTP thermal printer comes with a re-chargeable lithium battery pack and charger included in the price.

The FTP wireless portable printer is only compatible with BlueForce Smart 50V001B2 or the Upgrade Smart 50V016 kit.  Haven’t got a Bluetooth enabled BlueForce/Speedforce gate impact force tester?  Contact us today.

Please note: The FTP printer does not print the full certification to EN 12445.

What is “Upgrade Smart”?

“Upgrade Smart” uses Bluetooth and NFC technology to instantly display the PASS/NOT PASS test results from your Microtronics gate impact force tester directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC (models with USB port only).

Microtronics Upgrade Smart Accessories

Upgrade Smart – How Does it Work? Demo Video


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