Compact Under-Hook/Lifting Gear Telemetry Load Cell & Display

et-telemetry-200x200The latest weighing system from Applied Measurements Ltd is one of the first of its kind to use a telemetry link between the load cell and the portable digital display instrument, thus eliminating the problems associated with a long interconnecting cable.

Specifically designed for the measurement of cable tension and under hook crane and lifting gear weighing, the complete ET Telemetry Lift Link system consists of a robust telemetry load cell with an internal data transmitter with a range of 200 metres, together with a portable handheld receiver instrument, displaying the weight digitally.

The ET telemetry load cell is available in ten different ranges from 0-1 to 0-500 tonnes and offers excellent performance with a repeatability of <0.05% of rated output.  It has been designed for use with standard lifting shackles and is sealed to IP66 for waterproofing to withstand arduous outside conditions.

The ET lift link telemetry load cell’s weight and height have been kept to a minimum, thereby reducing the overall headroom required for the installed system.  The portable instrument receives the load cell transmitted signal at typically 420MHz and displays the weigh value on the 8 character 14 segment LCD display, over the range of -4999 to 65000.  Features on the unit include a ‘hold’ control for display storage, and a ‘tare’ control for automatic zeroing of the load signal.  It operates on a 9V PP3 supply, with auto power down to conserve battery life.

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