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    Ceramic Pressure Sensor Capsule | 18mm Diameter | PTi18

    Miniature and Hermetically Sealed with Superb Long-Term Stability
    PTi18 18mm Ceramic Pressure Sensing Capsule
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    At a Glance

    • Ranges: 0-1bar up to 0-600bar Gauge or Absolute
    • Output: 2.8-5.0mV/V (dependent on range)
    • Bridge Resistance: 11kΩ ±20%
    • Accuracy: <±0.25%/FS typical
    • High Purity Al2O3Alumina Ceramic
    • Very Compact 18mm Body – Ideal for OEM Applications
    • Excellent Long-Term Stability thanks to the Direct Fusion of Wheatstone Bridge onto Sensing Element
    • Hermetically Sealed for Direct Installation into OEM Equipment.
    • Low Operating Current = Maximum Battery Life


    The PTi18 ceramic pressure sensor capsule is intended for use by OEM manufacturers of machines and equipment where the integration of pressure sensing or monitoring is required.

    The compact 18mm diameter body design is suited to a wide range of applications including battery-powered, handheld devices where the PTi18’s high 11kΩ ensures minimal current draw and maximum battery life.

    To ensure that the PTi18 ceramic pressure sensor capsule meets its specification when installed, it is essential to ensure that it is mounted correctly.  We will provide all the information required including engineering drawings to ensure successful incorporation into your product.

    Technical Specifications

    Nominal Pressure Rangebar125102050100200400600
    Permissible Overpressurebar24102040100200400650880
    Burst Pressurebar45122550120250500650880
    Thicknessmm ±
    Typical SensitivitymV/V2.0-3.52.0-4.02.4-4.53.6-6.02.5-4.04.0-6.53.1-4.82.5-3.93.1-4.83.1-4.8
    Response Time*µs3523151063210.70.6
    *Response times are for open-faced sensor (i.e. with no pressure port or tube which will dampen response)
    Supply (Regulated)Vdc5 - 30 (10 reccommended)
    Bridge Resistanceohms11K ±20%
    Sensitivity (Rated Output)mV/V2.8 - 5 ±30% (dependent on capsule range, see above)
    Accuracy (non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)% Full Scale Output≤±0.4
    Stability% Full Scale / Year @ 25˚C≤±0.3
    Operating Temperature˚C-40 to +135
    Thermal Zero Shift (TZS)% / FS / ˚C≤±0.04
    ≤±0.02 (available on request)
    Thermal Span Shift (TSS)% / FS / ˚C≤0.01
    Media CompatibilityAny gas or fluid compatible with Alumina Ceramic (AL2O3 96%)
    Electrical Connection:Pins (others available on request)

    Product Dimensions

    PTi18 18mm Diameter Ceramic Pressure Sensor Capsule Outline Drawing

    All dimensions are in mm

    Ordering Codes & Options

    PTi18-10barg-0-2-06-01 (example code)PTi18-10barg-0-2-06-01
    Product Family
    Pressure Range + Pressure Reference
    1barg / 1bara / 1barsg-1barg
    2barg / 2bara / 2barsg-2barg
    5barg / 5bara / 5barsg-5barg
    10barg / 10bara / 10barsg-10barg
    20barg / 20bara / 20barsg-20barg
    50barg / 50bara / 50barsg-50barg
    100barg / 100bara / 100barsg-100barg
    200barg / 200bara / 200barsg-200barg
    250barg / 250bara / 250barsg-250barg
    400barg / 400bara / 400barsg-400barg
    600barg / 600bara / 600barsg-600barg
    Note: barg = vented gauge / bara = absolute / barsg = sealed gauge
    Sensitivity Adjustment
    0 = Without-0
    With (On request)
    Zero Temperature Compensation
    1 = TK-0 < ± 0.04 %FS/K-1
    2 = TK-0 < ± 0.02 %FS/K - Standard-2
    Others on request
    Electrical Connection
    02 = 4 Pins 13mm (without Lo (-))-02
    32 = 4 Pins 9mm (without Lo (-))-32
    03 = 5 pretinned soldering pads-03
    06 = 4 Pins 13mm (without Lo (+)) - Standard-06
    36 = 4 Pins 9mm (without Lo (+))-36
    Others on request
    Additional Coating
    Others on Request

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