Ceramic Pressure Sensor Capsules

This section illustrates Applied Measurements’ range of OEM ceramic pressure sensor capsules.  These units are designed for incorporation into pressure sensors or directly into maufacturing equipment where the monitoring of pressure is required.

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A wide range of pressure ranges is available from 0-500mbar to 0-600bar.

The ceramic pressure sensors have a high bridge resistance of typically 11kΩ which makes them ideal for low power applications such as battery operated equipment designed for long-term field use.  They have a full strain gauge bridge with a mV output ranging from 1.6mV/V to 5.5mV/V depending on capsule range.

To ensure optimum performance it is essential that these ceramic pressure sensors are correctly applied, we therefore recommend discussing your application with our sales engineers before installation.

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PTi18 18mm Ceramic Pressure Sensing Capsule
Ceramic Pressure Sensor Capsule | 18mm Diameter | PTi18

0-1bar up to 0-600bar Gauge or Absolute
From £39