The Ultimate in Load Cell Design Flexibility from Applied Measurements

Custom High Temperature Load CellHere at Applied Measurements Ltd we are proud of our extensive range of standard load cells.  These cover ranges from 0-25 grams using the UF1 up to 1000 tonnes via our CCD range of column load cells and form a superb basis from which we design and build countless customised load cells.

As a UK-based transducer manufacturer boasting over 50 years of design experience within our company we build all manner of load, force, torque, displacement and pressure sensors from scratch according to our customers’ design or modification requirements.  Modification and new design requests are a daily occurrence so our sensor repertoire is constantly growing.

Read on for a couple of recent examples of using a stock item and modifying it to our customer requirements…

Here we took a standard DSCC low profile load cell and modified it to suit our customer’s need for a product that could be submerged in pressurised non-conductive oil at temperatures up to 100 degC.  We achieved this by using special strain gauges and PTFE wiring that were designed to work at the high temperatures experienced in the application.  We also modified the mounting base of the load cell by adding machined grooves through it to allow the oil to flow through the load cell.  The load cell’s ‘flow through’ design was further enhanced by adding drilled holes in the cover and letting the cables exit via an oversize hole in the side of the load cell body and be secured in place with a high temperature P-Clip.

Custom In-Line Submersible Load CellThe other way of modifying a product is through the add on options, here we took our Standard STALC3 submersible load cell and added a specially modified mounting base to match the customers existing fixings and a stem attached to the top of the load cell into which we fitted a DCell strain gauge signal digitiser to provide an RS485 ASCII serial data stream directly from the load cell.  Again, this was a submersible application, but this time the media was seawater so we utilised an ‘O’ ring seal on the stem and brought the signal out through a subsea electrical connector rated to 10,000psi/690bar external pressure to ensure absolute integrity at any water depth up to almost 7000 metres!

These are the challenges we like, so whether it is modifying a load cell design or adding to an exisiting product, we are confident that we can find a solution to your measuring requirements.

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