Three-in-One Pressure Sensor: Transmitter, Switch and Display

The latest product from Applied Measurements Ltd is the DS200 series offering an integrated combination of pressure transmitter / transducer, intelligent pressure switch and digital display.

The DS200 covers ranges from 0-100mbar up to 0-600 bar with either a 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc output, with an overall accuracy of 0.25% of full scale.  There are many options for both pressure connection and for electrical connection, with plug and socket (IP65) or cable (IP67) exits available.

The display has 4 digit resolution with rotation on 2 axes, offering 240º on the front face and 300º from the transducer housing, thus enabling adjustment to its optimum viewing position.

The unit comes standard with one set point with a second set point optional, each set point is freely configurable from 0% to 100% of full scale.  All DS200 transducers utilise a Stainless Steel diaphragm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of process media and excellent long-term stability.

NOTE:  The DS200 is no longer a current product so this article exists for reference only.  It has been replaced by the Pi600DD Pressure Sensor with Digital Display.