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    USB-SDI12 Converter | SDI-12 to USB

    Interface for connecting an SDI-12 output sensor to PC via USB port
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    At a Glance

    • SDI-12 to USB Conversion
    • Powered from PC
    • Data, Transmit & Power LED Indicators
    • FREE Software Download
    • Automatic Installation
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Connects a SDI-12 Sensor to USB Port of Your PC
    • Data Log up to 10 SDI-12 Sensors at One Time to the PC/Laptop
    • Configure the SDI-12 Sensor From the USB Converter
    • On/Off Density Correction for Optimum System Accuracy
    • Auto Zero or Zero Adjust Ideal for Local Datum or Ordnance Datum (maOD Newlyn, Cornwall)


    The USB-SDI12 converter is an easy way of connecting a PC/laptop to an SDI12 sensor via the PC USB port. Using the free downloadable logging software, you can data log up to 10 SDI-12 sensors connected to the USB-SDI12 converter to a PC/Laptop.

    The converter is powered by the PC’s USB port so no extra cables or power packs are needed. The USB type B connector cable can be of any required length to suit your application.

    The USB-SDI12 converter features an auto Zero or Zero adjust making it ideal for installations where you need to adjust for Local Datum or Ordnance Datum (mAOD Newlyn, Cornwall). Meters above ordnance datum (mAOD) gives the actual elevation of the groundwater level referenced to the mean sea level at the UK Ordnance datum at Newlyn, Cornwall.

    For the more experienced user, there is a ‘Calibration Mode’ which can be used to perform annual calibrations on the device. Plus, the user also has the option to configure the SDI-12 sensors and define the pressure/level and temperature units the device outputs.

    To deliver further optimum system accuracy, the user also has the ability to turn density correction on/off and adjust the filter settings and sample rates, which further improves the overall system accuracy of your measurements.

    Installation is Fast and Simple

    1. Connect the USB type B connector cable to the top of the USB-SDI12 converter.
    2. Insert the USB cable into the USB port of your PC.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions on your PC as it automatically installs Microsoft accredited Windows device drivers.
    4. Download the FREE logging software.
    5. Connect your SDI-12 sensor to the converter.
    6. Begin your measurement application.

    LED Indicators

    Data, transmit and power LED indicators to illuminate when the data is being transmitted and received and when the converter has sufficient power to function.

    • Transmit LED – illuminates when your connected PC transmits instructions.
    • Receive LED – illuminates when data is being sent from the sensor to the PC.
    • Power LED – illuminates when the PC USB port is providing 9.5 V DC or greater. In the event of a short circuit, the LED light will not illuminate.

    Short Circuit Protection

    The connector has an automatic fuse reset to protect the network from short circuits. If a fault is detected, the fuse will protect the converter from any damage. The fuse will automatically reset in 3 seconds.

    The USB-SDI-12 converter is designed for use with SDI-12 output sensors such as our Pa993D SDI-12 submersible depth sensor.

    Applied Measurements are proud members of the SDI-12 support group, a non-profit corporation who provide SDI-12 specification and additional information about SDI-12.

    Technical Specifications

    1 x USB Type BUser assigned cable length
    1 x Network PortSDI-12
    1 x External Power Port 9.5 to 16 V DC - 1 Amp
    1 x Power Indicator LEDUSB Supply Level exceeds 9.5 V DC / Short circuit detection
    Direct Connection PowerMaximum current 150 mA without external source
    External Power1 x External supply 9.5 - 16 V DC
    Short Circuit ProtectionAutomatic reset - network + 12 V DC to Gnd
    Opto-isolation1000 V DC SDI-12 Data to Gnd
    Connector2 x 4 way - 3.5 mm pitch screw lock.
    Chip SetFTDI - uses Windows 10 Microsoft Accredited Driver

    Product Dimensions

    USB-SDI12 Converter Dimensions

    Wiring Details

    Terminal ColourDesignation
    YellowSDI-12 Data
    Red0V / Ground
    BlueExternal +12Vdc


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