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High-Speed, Scaleable, Crisp and Bright, 5-Digit LVDT LED Display

Tracker 260 LVDT Indicator Display

At a Glance

  • 5-Digit LED Display (-19999 to +99999)
  • Input: LVDT (Differential & Ratiometric)
  • Environmental Protection: IP65 (when installed)
  • Sensor Excitation
  • Options: Alarm Relays, Analogue Outputs
  • A 5-Digit LED Display to use Specifically with LVDT Transducers
  • Monitor Sensor Changes Fast – With High Speed Analogue Output Channel
  • Separate ‘Scaleable’ Analogue Output Channel to Tailor to Your Application
  • Offers a Digital Output for Easy PC, PLC or Data Logger Communication
  • Fast & Simple Calibration – Using “Fast-Cal” Feature
  • Ideal to use in Harsh Environments – Total dust & moisture protection when installed in a suitable enclosure


The Tracker 260 LVDT indicator display is designed specifically for use with AC type LVDT transducers and provides an extremely stable 5-digit readout.

The LVDT meter’s “Fast-Cal” feature provides a quick and simple method of calibrating an LVDT with the indicator at two stroke positions using the front panel push buttons.

The Tracker 260 LVDT indicator display provides the excitation voltage and frequency to suit the manufacturer’s specification for the LVDT and features two analogue outputs, one high speed, for monitoring fast changes of LVDT movement and a separate electrically isolated scaleable analogue output.

The Tracker 264 LVDT indicator adds two alarm relays to the specification, while the Tracker 265 adds four alarm relays.  All 260 series LVDT indicators offer a serial RS422/RS485 data output for communication with PLCs, Computers and Data Loggers.

Suitable LVDT Transducers for use with the Tracker 260 Series can be found in our LVDT & Displacement Sensor Product Section.

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Product Dimensions

Tracker 260 LVDT Indicator Display Outline Drawing


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