Versatile DSCC Pancake Load Cells Deliver Multiple Benefits

For weighing and force monitoring, Applied Measurements’ DSCC pancake load cells are the ideal choice.  Here’s why…..

DSCC Pancake Load Cell no Load Button

  • Tension and Compression Capable
  • Low Physical Height
  • Complete Customisation Possible
  • Resistant to Extraneous Forces
  • High-Frequency Response
  • Stainless Steel Construction

The DSCC pancake load cell is designed for weighing and force monitoring alike and can operate in both tension and compression.  Its low physical height lends it to applications where space is at a premium.

What’s more, the DSCC pancake load cell can be entirely customised by our design team to suit your application, including the dimensions, centre thread sizes, higher capacities in excess of 3000kN and IP rating up to IP68 for submersible applications.  The image above shows the recent customisation of the DSCC pancake load cell’s cable exit. The cable exit was modified to incorporate an ICA miniature load cell amplifier into a housing, converting the transducer’s mV/V signal to a 4-20mA analogue output (0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc and ±10Vdc outputs are also available).

Mantis DSCC Load Cell on Foot PadThe specialist heat treatment of the stainless steel to condition H900 further enhances the steel’s already high strength and durability, making the DSCC pancake load cell the ultimate choice for material and component fatigue testing applications.  Coupled with its high-frequency response, the DSCC pancake load cell is also well suited to dynamic force measurement applications, such as crash test walls.

Its design and stainless steel construction give it excellent resistance to extraneous forces, such as bending, side-load/shear and torsion.  These features made it the choice load cell to be fitted on the ankle joints of the World’s largest hexapod (image to the left).  The robotics company required 6 customised submersible and compact DSCC pancake load cells to accurately monitor the force on each leg.  Click to read about the awesome hexapod project.

Instrumentation and Accessories

Our standard DSCC pancake load cells can be supplied and fitted with any of our wide range of instrumentation, for example:

  • SGA Amplifiers – Give high stability, high speed (up to 6kHz), conditioned analogue output.
  • Miniature ICA Amplifiers – Restricted space? These are designed to fit where other larger amplifiers cannot and also provides a direct amplified output straight from the sensor.
  • DSC-USB Strain Gauge Digitisers – Convert the load cell’s signal to a digital output, delivering immediate and accurate readings straight to the PC for live monitoring and data logging.
  • INT2-L Digital Panel Meter – A portable digital indicator with a 6 digit LED display.  Its easy to use, simple to configure and can power up to 4 x 350Ω load cells.
  • Compression Measuring – We can supply and fit load buttons which help reduce extraneous force introduction.
  • Tension Monitoring – We can supply and fit a base and rod ends to ensure axial application of tensile force.

All of the above instrumentation and accessories can be supplied and fitted with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate.

Lead Time

Our standard DSCC pancake load cells are available in 1-2 weeks (capacities to 200kN) or 8 weeks (250kN upwards) and many of our instrumentation including the DSC-USB strain gauge digitiser, SGA and ICA amplifiers can be supplied ex-stock for a next day delivery.

So for your weighing and force application choose the highly accurate, low profile, ultra-reliable DSCC pancake load cell, for tension and compression monitoring today.  Call us now to speak to our technical and friendly sales team on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email