New smallest button load cell ever made by Applied Measurements

new micro button load cell from applied measurements

The new micro button load cell CDFT from Applied Measurements is the smallest button load cell we have ever made at only 2.9mm in height!

Key features of the micro-button load cell:

  • Tiny Ø9mm and 2.9mm height
  • Capacities from 0-10N up to 0-250N
  • Accuracy: <±0.25% of rated capacity
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +125 °C
  • Strain gauge based technology
  • 2m cable as standard
  • Integral load button
  • Download the datasheet

Applied Measurements new micro button load cell CDFT has a tiny 9mm diameter and 2.9mm height for accurate compression force measuring in the tiniest of spaces.  It utilises state-of-the-art strain gauge technology combined with precision CNC machining to give you precise and reliable force measurement results.

Even with its tiny size, this strain gauge based sub-miniature load cell is available with measurement capacities from 0-10N force up to 0-250N force, without compromising on its 0.25% accuracy.

Plus, it features an integral load button which helps to align the forces through the centre of the load cell, keeping extraneous forces to a minimum while delivering optimum load introduction for accurate and repeatable force measuring performance.

What’s more, Applied Measurements micro load cell can operate in temperatures from -40 to +125°C, making it ideal for a huge range of applications where forces need to be measured accurately, within low and high temperatures and in very tiny spaces.  Plus, it comes with a 2-metre cable as standard with additional lengths available on request.

Ideal applications for this micro-sized load cell include:

  • Robotics and effectors
  • Industrial automation
  • Micro-component assembly tools and machinery
  • Keyboard button testing
  • Telephone control
  • Mechanical switch development and testing

Applied Measurements have been supplying top quality, precise sensors and instrumentation for over 25 years and we are proud to say we are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certified by BSI under certificate number FS 677584 for the design, manufacture and distribution of transducers and measuring systems.

Applied Measurements team of experts are always happy to share their knowledge with you to guarantee you get the best advice and after-sales support.  We can also customise the design to tailor it to your specific requirements if desired.

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