Applied Measurements Achieves 30 Years of Sensors!

30 years of sensors Applied Measurements

A note from Darren Skipp, Commercial Director.

Darren Skipp

It’s hard to believe that Applied Measurements has reached yet another huge milestone in our long and fruitful history. 

As I look back over the past 30 years of Applied Measurements, I realise just how far we have come in that time.

We have grown from just 3 employees, in 2500 sq ft of offices, when Peter Lewis, Managing Director started the company. Now, we employ over 30 people in facilities (offices) of over 7500 sq ft and continue to expand our ever-growing Applied Measurements family.

Our technical expertise has developed with time and in 2018 we became ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certified by BSI under certificate number FS 677584 for the design, manufacture and distribution of transducers and measuring systems.

In the past few months, we have been busy expanding our pressure sensor department to bring you low cost, high volume OEM pressure sensors with fast scheduled deliveries.  Plus, our web development team are continually adding to our new online shop, launched last year, so you can buy directly from our website. 

We are thankful to have been a part of so many revolutionising and exciting projects over the years, such as the Gemini Telescope, which still uses 700+ of our bespoke load cells 20 years on, now with newer, enhanced technologies that were not even in existence when we first designed them.

Plus, I am proud to say that Applied Measurements has been supporting green energy projects so that future generations may thrive in years to come.  Ones I especially enjoyed were Minesto’s award-winning Deep Green, helping to convert tidal and ocean currents into electricity and EPICTidal Team’s tidal turbine testing rig.  More recently, we have been blessed to be a part of the University of Edinburgh’s FASTBLADE, the world’s first regenerative fatigue test facility.

But none of this could have happened without the fantastic team of past and current Applied Measurements employees, our Applied Measurements family, and more importantly you, our customers and friends.  I, and all of us here at Applied Measurements, would like to take this moment to thank every single one of you for your ongoing support. We really couldn’t have done it without you.

We are looking forward to what the future may bring and hope that you will continue to be a part of it.

Thank you from Everyone at Applied Measurements.