Shear Beam Load Cells

Applied Measurements’ range of shear beam load cells and force sensors are designed for the measurement of tensile and comprehensive forces where they form the bridge between the system framework and the live load.

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For applications in dirty and dusty environments the IP67-rated OSBKT shear beam load cell is ideal, whilst for more hostile washdown, hygienic and outdoor applications the fully welded, stainless steel, IP68-rated OSBST shear beam load cell offers superior protection against ingress and corrosion.

A range of shear beam load cell accessories including vessel mounts, shock mounts and anti-vibration mounts are available to ensure ease of installation and optimum performance.

For these multiple load cell installations we can supply junction boxes to connect the shear beam load cells together in parallel and provide a single cable output to the instrumentation.

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OSBST Stainless Steel Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
Shear Beam Load Cell | OSBST

0-500kg to 0-5000kg
From £157
OSBKT Shear Beam Load Cell
Single-Ended Shear Beam Load Cell | OSBKT

0-250kg to 0-2000kg
From £135.50