Load Cell Junction Boxes | Summing Boxes

Applied Measurements currently offers three different load cell junction boxes which are designed to facilitate the simple interconnection of up to 4 load cells or other strain gauge bridge based transducer in parallel, before the signal is fed into a digital indicator or signal conditioner.

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The AMLJBNA passive load cell junction box is ideal for use in silo and vessel weighing applications where the system is to be calibrated in-situ, and the whilst the AMLJBA active load cell junction box allows for fine adjustment of the strain gauge bridge sensitivity for applications where a balanced output is vital such as weighing platforms and pre-calibrated vessel weighing systems.  If you need live load cell fault monitoring in critical then the LCI junction box is ideal and will alert you as soon as any problems arise.

In addition to our standard load cell junction boxes, we can also design and manufacture custom versions including models suitable for:

  • Permanent submersion in freshwater or seawater
  • High and low temperature applications
  • Vacuum applications.

Our sales team are always on-hand to discuss any special requirements.  You can contact us by telephone or 0118 981 7339 or email at info@appmeas.co.uk if you require any assistance with selecting your load cell junction box.