TR200 Portable Battery-Powered Strain Gauge Digital Indicator Launched

tr200-200x2001Applied Measurements are introducing their model TR200 portable battery powered strain gauge digital indicator. This compact instrument is designed to read outputs from load cells, pressure transducers and most other strain gauge sensors with a full bridge configuration and output sensitivity between 0.75mV/V and 7.5mV/V.  Bridge resistances as low as 85 ohms are compatible with the TR200.

This versatile instrument which is sealed to IP65, making it ideally suited to a wide range of applications in the automotive, process control, water, aerospace and marine offshore industries where short term measurements are required.  The TR200 is particularly suited to on board vehicle datalogging.

All adjustments are entered via the sealed key pad to enable the user to set zero, scaling, decimal points, least significant digit blanking, filtering, calibration checking and peak hold.   Once the parameters are set, all the menu keys can be disabled to ensure keys are not pressed by mistake.  The instrument can remember the parameters of up to 10 different sensors and all values are retained in EEPROM for permanent storage.

The instrument is fitted with a sealed rechargeable lead acid battery which provides an operational period of at least 35 hours when connected to a 350 ohm bridge and a separate charger is supplied for recharging.

Further factory fitted options are available to expand the capabilities of the TR200 providing RS232 communications, data logging, printer interfacing, analogue retransmission and trip outputs.  A facility also exists within the TR200 to externally switch channels either via a separate switch box or through intelligent plugs fitted to any sensor plugged into the TR200.

As an added feature, the instrument can be supplied fully calibrated with any strain gauge sensor complete with certification traceable to UKAS (NAMAS as was).

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