How to measure position outdoors on mobile machinery without water damage

IP69K draw-wire sensor for measuring position outdoors
Ideal to measure position on outdoor mobile machinery.

Need to measure position outdoors on cranes, vehicles and mobile machinery?

Worried about water damaging your draw-wire sensor?

Try the new K100 IP69K, steam-jet cleaning protected, draw-wire sensor.

K100 IP69K Outdoor Draw-Wire Benefits

  • IP69K Protection from High Pressure and Steam Jet Cleaning
  • Robust Housing
  • Large Measuring Range 0-2.3m up to 0-5m
  • Crane, Vehicles & Mobile Machines
  • High Accuracy ≤± 0.2 % Full-Scale Output
  • Output Options: 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc or Potentiometer
  • Full Specifications

Increased Protection to Measure Position Outdoors

The K100 outdoor draw-wire sensor has the maximum protection rating of IP69K, meaning it is totally protected from dust and protected from high pressure, steam-jet cleaning.  This makes it ideal to measure position outdoors on vehicles, agricultural and mobile machinery, where high-pressure and high-temperature washdowns are routine.

Distinct Design & Robust Housing

Its robust housing has been specially designed to incorporate separate drum and spring spaces, which deliver added protection against environmental influences.

Plus, it is constructed of glass-fibre reinforced plastic to guarantee its reliability in the toughest of applications.

Large Measuring Range 0-2.3 metres to 0-5 metres

The IP69K draw-wire sensor has a long-range capacity from 0-2.3m up to 0-5m, making it ideal for large scale, outdoor measuring applications.

Ideal Applications for the K100 IP69K Draw-Wire Sensor

  • Road Vehicles
  • Mobile Machines
  • Cranes
  • Lifting Technology
  • Agricultural Industry

The K100 IP69K draw-wire sensor lends itself to outdoor vehicles and machine applications that require regular high-pressure, steam cleaning.

Delivery & Prices

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