Low Range Differential Pressure Transmitters Measure Down to 25 Pascals

pr3200-200x200Applied Measurements have launched their PR Series of differential pressure transmitters, specifically designed for the measurement of differential pressure at very low ranges down to 25 pascals (0.25mbar) covered by the PR3202 model, and operation at high static pressures up to 300 bar on the PR3200 model.  All three models cover a wide range of applications and come fully temperature compensated ensuring high levels of stability.

All of the PR series differential pressure transmitter models have a standard 2 wire, 4-20mA output and are robustly built to withstand the arduous conditions of process and industrial environments.

The PR3202 low range differential pressure transmitter covers ultra low measurements from 0-25 pascals up to 0-1000 mbar (0-100kPa) and is housed in an RFI shielded, wall mounted box.  Zero and span controls are easily accessible for on-site calibration and adjustment.

The PR3200 is designed for wet/wet differential pressure measurement from 0-250mbar up to 0-200 bar and the IP65 enclosure allows the units to be easily mounted using an angle bracket.

pr3202-200x200For heavy duty operation, the PR9200 differential pressure transmitter has ranges from 0-1.2mbar up to 0-65bar with static pressure operation up to 300 bar.  It has environmental protection to IP67 and intrinsically safe versions are available for use in hazardous areas.

All PR differential pressure sensor models are ideally suited to flow measurement applications using Pitot tubes, orifice plates and mass flow meters as well as combustion chamber control and clean room monitoring applications.

Applied Measurements are leading specialists in pressure and force measurement and are pleased to discuss your specific application.

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