Genuine, Accurate Draw Wire Sensors on a Short Delivery Time

Applied Measurements UK approved draw wire sensor distributor

What’s the first rule to ensure accurate position or displacement measurement?

Always buy from an expert supplier.

Second, always use authentic, certified draw wire sensors.

But how can you guarantee you’re getting exactly that?

Approved UK Distributor of High Precision Draw Wire Sensors

Applied Measurements are now a UK approved draw wire sensor distributor of the high precision Micro Epsilon draw wire sensors.

Micro Epsilon Approved UK Distributor Sticker

So, what does this mean for you?

  • Fast Delivery Times of 3-4 Weeks
  • Authentic, Manufacturer Certified Draw Wire Sensors
  • Low Cost Versions for High Volume
  • Industrial Versions for Harsh Environments

It means, we can offer you the right draw wire sensor for your needs.

Industrial & Low Cost Draw Wire Versions Available

We have two versions of the draw wire sensors readily available.

The industrial, high accuracy & robust range and the compact, low cost range, which are ideal for OEM and high volume applications.

Industrial Draw Wire Sensors Key Features:

Applied Measurements range of draw wire sensors.

  • High Accuracy <±0.01% of Full Scale Output
  • Extreme Long Range of up to 0-50m!
  • Robust Aluminium Housing for Harsh Industrial Environments
  • IP65 Dust Tight and Water Tight Protection Rating
  • Absolute or Incremental Encoder Versions
  • Both Analogue and Digital Options
  • Customised Versions

Low Cost Draw Wire Sensors Give You:

Low cost draw wire sensors from Applied Measurements.

  • Ideal for OEM Thanks to Their Lower Cost
  • Compact with a Longer Measuring Range
  • Sub-Miniature Versions as Low as 0-50mm!
  • Robust Plastic Housing
  • Both Analogue and Digital Versions
  • Customised Versions Ideal for High Volume Applications

What Now?

For official Micro Epsilon draw wire sensors always buy direct from us.

We are a UK approved draw wire sensor distributor.

See the full range of approved draw wire sensors today.

Read how they can work in your application.