PC Logging From Your Potentiometer Made Simple

DSCUSB-PT USB potentiometer interface with potentiometer sensor

Need an easy way to log position measurements directly to your PC?

Bob Davies, our Production Director, gives 4 reasons why you should try our new potentiometer USB interface DSCUSB-PT.

  • 1) Works with any potentiometer based sensor

This fantastic new potentiometer USB interface converts any potentiometer based sensor output to a digital USB serial input.  So, you can easily and instantly log displacement and position measurements on your PC.

  • 2) High speed & high stability

The DSCUSB-PT delivers high-speed readings of 100 per second maximum, using the ASCII protocol.  Plus, it boasts high stability of 1 part in 200,000 resolution, making it suitable for a range of applications.

  • 3) Simple setup USB connection

Setting up your potentiometer USB interface couldn’t be easier.  All you need to do is plug in the DSCUSB-PT to the USB port of your PC and download the free toolkit software to begin the setup process.  What’s more, as it plugs into the USB port, it requires no additional power as it gets that directly from the PC.

  • 4) Free downloadable software

The toolkit software is free to download and gives you the ability to perform a PC-based calibration of your potentiometer sensor.  Just input the values from the calibration certificate of your sensor to calibrate it to your newly purchased DSCUSB-PT.  Plus, if you apply known loads, you can perform more complex calibrations including multi-point linearisation and additional temperature compensation.

The software also features a data logging function that allows you to log data to a spreadsheet compatible CSV file at a rate up to 100Hz for additional analysis.

Bob Davies says,

“The DSCUSB-PT gives you a really fast and easy way of viewing your position measurements.  Plus, with the free software, you can log, view and export the data for even further analysis.”

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