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    Weather NOT Dependent with our Compact Submersible Tension and Compression Load Cells

    DDEN submersible tension and compression load cell

    • Perfect for High Humidity Conditions
    • Ideal for Flood Risk Locations
    • Ultra Compact (Ø44mm x 65mm length)
    • Fully Submersible IP68 to 10m
    • Accuracy <±0.15%/Rated Capacity (0.05% typical)
    • Capacities 0-250N up to 0-50kN
    • Outputs: mV/V, 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, 0-5Vdc, ±10Vdc


    Applied Measurements’ Submersible Load Cells fitted to the World’s Largest All-Terrain Hexapod

    Applied Measurements provided the load cells needed to monitor the force on individual legs to stop the Mantis (the world’s largest hydraulic hexapod robot) walking into a situation that is hazardous to its overall stability. Assisted by Applied Measurements’ compact and submersible DSCC load cells, the Mantis successfully travels over all slopes and uneven surfaces, traversing most types of terrain, even wading through water.


    Submersible Subsea Load Cells Excel Under Pressure

    With over 20 years experience designing and manufacturing submersible and subsea load cells, it’s no wonder Applied Measurements have sensors functioning worldwide, from a few metres below the surface to 10 kilometres underwater (depth or pressure equivalencies).  These submersible and subsea sensors operate precisely and reliably 24/7 in applications including underwater structure lifting systems, ROVs and offshore power generation. Many of our load cell designs are based on standard products with modifications to allow operation in underwater environments; O-ring seals, welded housings and moulded subsea connector assemblies ensure high integrity even at great depths.  The most common models are our CCD column type compression load cells; DBCL in-line tension and compression load cells (image shown), which cover higher capacities from […]


    Load Pins and Position Sensors used for Antarctic Research

    Applied Measurements needed to design and manufacture a pair of custom load pins for the university that could compensate for temperatures as low as -30degC. The load pin also had a built in ICA4S amplifier that could give a 4-20mA output for them to use to monitor the drilling forces.


    Submersible Compression Load Cell Resists Freeze-Thaw Weathering

    Applied Measurements have just designed and manufactured a special version of their compact CCG annular load cell (also known as a ‘ring load cell’ or ‘donut load cell’) for use in a particularly tough application where it is submerged 1 metre deep in potable water, subjected to a force of 160kN (~16 tonnes) and subjected to a repeated cycle of freezing and thawing. The load cell design utilises 17-4PH stainless steel for the sensing element and cover in conjunction with a stainless steel IP68 cable gland, submersible polyurethane cable and a double ‘O’ ring sealing system to ensure that the transducer’s integrity is maintained at all times. The submersible load cells achieved an accuracy of better than 0.5% of rated […]


    Underwater Load Cell offers Tension and Compression Measurement

    When approached by one of our customers to design a load cell for underwater tension measurement, We looked at our core range of products and decided the DDE style load cell, which features M12x1.75 male threads at each end, would best meet the customer’s requirement, but this model as standard is only rated to IP65. With a small, quick and cost effective re-design we changed the construction to Stainless Steel with two halves locking together with a seal.  Internally it was further protected by back-filling with an inert waterproof gel.  The electrical termination is a tough IP68 multicore cable that is connected through an IP68 cable gland, to complete fully submersible sealing. The new underwater load cell has been designated […]


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