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Pancake Load Cell | Low Profile Force Sensor | DSCC

For High Capacity Tension & Compression Load Measuring

DSCC Pancake Load Cell no Load Button
  • 5kN to 200kN In Stock Now
  • Ideal for Compression AND Tension Measuring
  • High Frequency Response
  • High Accuracy: <±0.05%/RC
  • Low Profile
  • IP65 Splash-Proof and Dust Tight
  • Download the Datasheet

Choose DSCC

Miniature S-Beam Load Cell | Z-Beam Force Sensor | DBBSMM

For Very Low Range, Tension & Compression Monitoring in Small Spaces

DBBSMM Miniature S-Beam Load Cell
  • 0-1kg up to 0-50kg in Stock Now
  • Ideal for Low Range Testing in Smaller Applications
  • Compact Only 35mm High
  • High Accuracy: <±0.03%/RC
  • Rod-End Bearings and Load Buttons Available
  • Optional IP67 Gel-Filling
  • Download the Datasheet


Universal Load Cell | Universal S-Beam Force Sensor | DBBSM

For Low Range In-Line Tension & Compression Load & Force Measuring

DBBSM S-Beam Load Cell
  • 2kg to 5000kg in Stock Now
  • Ideal for Tensile Testing Machines, Suspended Hoppers and Geotechnical Test Equipment
  • High Accuracy: <±0.03%/RC
  • Guaranteed High Performance
  • Rod-End Bearings and Load Buttons Available
  • Download the Datasheet

Choose DBBSM

Low Profile Button Load Cell | CBES

For Mid-Range, Compact, Compression Measurement

CBES Low Profile Button Load Cell
  • Up to 2000kg In Stock Now
  • Ideal for Press Force and Vessel Weight Measurement
  • Low Height & Compact
  • ±0.15% High Accuracy
  • IP65 Splash-Proof & Dust Tight
  • Ideal for Harsh Environments
  • Download the Datasheet

Choose CBES

Second, Choose Your Instrumentation

Fast USB Load Cell Interface | High Speed Strain Gauge | DSCUSB-FQ

For Ultra-Fast Data Capture Direct to Your PC

Fast USB Load Cell Interface DSCUSB-FQ
  • Converts Load Cell Signal to USB Output
  • Ultra-Fast Data Analysis
  • 4800 Samples per Second USB Output Direct to Your PC
  • Free Downloadable Software for Datalogging to a CSV Compatible Spreadsheet.
  • Download the Datasheet


Handheld Load Cell Indicator | Digital Display | TR150

For Simple Portable On-Site Monitoring

TR150 Portable Handheld Load Cell Indicator
  • High Resolution Portable Indicator.
  • 7 Digit LCD Display
  • Dual Range / Engineering Units
  • IP65 Splash-Proof & Dust Tight
  • 2x 'AA' Battery Powered for 450 Hours of Continuous Operation
  • Download the Datasheet

Choose TR150

Miniature Load Cell Amplifier | In-Cell Amplifier | ICA

Converts Load Cell to 4-20 mA & 0-10 V Output

ICA Miniature Load Cell Amplifier
  • Fits Inside Your Load Cell
  • Compact at Only 19mm Diameter
  • 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA, ±10Vdc Output Versions
  • High speed 1000 Hz
  • Download the Datasheet

Choose ICA

Load Cell Amplifier | Load Cell Signal Conditioner | SGA

For Specific Monitoring, Control and Data Collection to PLC and Acquisition Units

SGA Load Cell Amplifier
  • IP67 Dust Tight & Immersion Protected Enclosure
  • High Speed Analogue Output
  • AC or DC Power
  • Output from up to 4 x 350Ω Load Cells
  • Amplifies Low-Level Input Signals to a High-Level Industry Standard Process Signal
  • Download the Datasheet

Choose SGA

USB Load Cell Interface | USB Strain Gauge Digitiser | DSCUSB

Simple PC Based Monitoring, Direct to Your PC.

USB Load Cell Digitiser
  • High Speed: 100 Readings/Second Max.
  • Simple USB Connection
  • A Cheaper Alternative to the Fast Version
  • Works With Any Full-Bridge Strain Gauge Sensors
  • View the Results Instantly with the FREE Downloadable Software
  • Download the Datasheet


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