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Compact, Accurate, Adaptable, Superior Compression Measurement

  • Lead Time: Up to 2000kg: stock
    5000kg to 20,000kg: 4-5 weeks
    30,000 and 50,000kg: 10 weeks
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CBES Button Load Cell Front

At a Glance

  • Capacities: 0-50kg up to 0-50,000kg
  • Output: 2mV/V
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Accuracy: <±0.15%
  • Integral load button
  • Option: IP67 or IP68 Submersible
  • Low Height & Compact – Easily fit where space is limited
  • Fast and Simple Installation – With built-in location holes
  • Superior Accuracy Guaranteed – From its integral load button
  • Submersible Versions Available – For marine and underwater applications
  • Customisation Available to Suit Your Application
  • Instrumentation for Complete System Available


The CBES low profile button load cell is designed for use in compression measurement applications where height is at a premium such as press force measurement and vessel weight measurement.  Request pricing today.

They come with standard capacities from 0-50kg up to 0-50,000kg, with other capacities and special sizes available on request.

This button load cell has an integral load button to deliver optimum performance.  Plus, its built-in location holes offers you a fast and easy installation.

The CBES button load cell has an environmental protection rating of IP65, totally dust tight and low-pressure water jets protection from any direction.  The IP65 rating would be ideal for most industrial applications.  The IP65 rating comes as standard but can be increased to IP67 and even IP68 for long-term immersion to suit an underwater application.

We have previously designed special versions of the CBES low profile button load cell tailored to brake pedal force measurement and also for vessel weighing where the cells were permanently submerged. If you need a customised button load cell for your application please contact our technical sales team who will be pleased to discuss your application in detail.

All of our button load cells can be supplied with load cell instrumentation including digital indicators, signal conditioners, digitisers or wireless telemetry systems from our full range of load cell instrumentation.

Technical Specifications

Rated Capacity (RC)kgf0-50, 0-100, 0-200, 0-500, 0-1000, 0-2000, 0-5000, 0-10000, 0-20000, 0-30000, 0-50000
Operating ModesCompression Only
Sensitivity (RO)mV/V2 nominal
Zero Balance/Offset±%/Rated Output<1.0
Non-Linearity±%/Rated Output (BFSL)<0.15
Hysteresis%/Rated Output<0.15
Repeatability±%/Rated Output<0.10
Temperature Effect on Zero±%/Rated Output/ ˚C<0.010
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity±%/Applied Load/ ˚C<0.010
Input ResistanceOhms750 nominal
Output ResistanceOhms700 nominal
Insulation ResistanceMegohms>5000 @ 50Vdc
Excitation VoltageVolts AC or DC10 recommended (2-15 acceptable)
Operating Temperature Range˚C-20 to +80
Compensated Temperature Range˚C-10 to +70
Storage Temperature Range˚C-20 to +80
Safe Overload% of Rated Capacity150
Ultimate Overload% of Rated Capacity300
Deflection @ Rated Capacitymm<0.1 typical
IP Rating (Environmental Protection)IP65 (IP67 & IP68 optional)
WeightkgSee dimensions table
Fatigue Life108 cycles typical (109 cycles on fatigue-rated version)
Cable Length (as standard)metres3
Cable Type4-core screened, PUR sheath, Ø5 nominal
ConstructionStainless Steel, Nickel-Plated, Brass, NBR, PUR
Resolution1 part in 250,000 (with appropriate instrumentation)

Product Dimensions

CBES Outline Drawing
50,100, 200, 500591042212550M5 x 0.8 (7 deep)0.35kg
1000, 2000591042212550M5 x 0.8 (7 deep)0.35kg
5000, 10000, 200009820723540150M6 x 1.0 (8 deep)2.3kg
30000115329047.560250M12 x 1.75 (16 deep)3.7kg
50000150441256580400M16 x 2.0 (20 deep)7.5kg

All dimensions are in mm

Wiring Details

Red+ve excitation
Blue-ve excitation
Green+ve signal
Yellow-ve signal
ScreenTo ground - not connected to load cell body

Ordering Codes & Options

Core ProductCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeExample Result

Case Studies


5 Reasons This May Be the Best Load Cell for Plate Bearing Tests

Micro Geotechnical, an in-situ testing company, needed to accurately monitor the bearing capacity of the ground under a given load, to determine the safe bearing capacity of the soil. The measuring instruments would need to be accurate and precise, with the ability to withstand the harsh outdoor environments of their in-situ plate bearing tests. So, we offered them Applied Measurements button load cell CBES and our handheld indicator and here's why...