Wireless Strain Gauge Transmitter | Load Cell | T24-SA

Miniature, High Speed, Wireless Strain Gauge Sensor Transmitter

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T24 Wireless OEM PCB Modules

At a Glance

  • 2.4GHz Operating Frequency (Licence Free)
  • Range: up to 600m (internal antenna) / up to 800m (external antenna)
  • Strain Gauge Bridge Input
  • Resolution up to 400,000 divisions
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Wireless Monitoring for your Load, Pressure, Torque or Strain Gauge Displacement Sensor 
  • Miniature PCB Ideal for OEM Integration
  • Integration Within a Sensor or Separate Module to Suit Your Design
  • High Speed Updates of 200 Per Second
  • Simple Wireless Setup
  • Fantastic Wireless Transmission Range – Up to 800 metres! 


The T24-SA wireless strain gauge transmitter module enables high accuracy wireless measurement of signals from bridge-based transducers such as load cells, pressure sensors, torque transducers and strain gauge displacement sensors.

Transmission ranges of up to 600 metres are possible using the internal antenna, while the use of an external antenna increases transmission range up to 800 metres.

The T24-SA wireless strain gauge transmitter module requires a power supply of just 3Vdc to operate which is typically provided by 2x ‘AA’ batteries and provides a highly stable, high resolution signal that can be received by any of the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry instrumentation.

Output rates of up to 200 readings/second are possible at a noise-free resolution of 1 in 50,000, increasing to 1 in 400,000 at a reduced output rate of 1 reading/10 seconds.

The compact T24-SA module can be integrated into load cells and other sensors if sufficient space is available.  Alternatively, it can be mounted into either the T24-ACM(2x ‘D’ size batteries) or T24-ACMi (2x ‘AA’ size batteries) battery-powered modules to complete your wireless sensor.

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Technical Specifications

LicenceLicence Exempt
Modulation MethodMS (QPSK)
Radio TypeTransceiver (2 way)
Data Rate250K bits / second
Radio Frequency2.42.4835GHz
Channels (DSSS)15
*Tests conducted in an open field site with the transmitter at the top of a 3m pole. The receiver was mounted 1.5m off the ground.
Strain Gauge Excitation System-4 wire
Strain Gauge Excitation Voltage4.555.25Vdc
Strain Gauge Resistance85
Strain Gauge Sensitivity3.2+/-mV/V
Offset Temperature Stability14ppm/˚C
Gain Temperature Stability35ppm/˚C
Non Linearity Before Linearisation25ppm of FR
Internal Resolution/Bits16,000,000 / 24Resolution / Bits
Noise Free Resolution at 1 Sample per Second400,000 / 18.75Resolution/Bits
Transmission RatesFrom 5 ms to 1 day
Power Supply
ACMi and OEM Module2.13.6Vdc
Battery Life - Transmitting results at 3 per second, 350R Strain BridgeUsageBattery Life
Pair AA cellsConstantly on3 weeks
Pair AA cells12 sessions per day of 5 minutes2 years
Pair DD cellsConstantly on3.5 months
Pair DD cells12 sessions per day of 5 minutes>5 years
Operating Temperature Range-2055°C
Storage Temperature Range (no batteries)-4085°C
IP Rating (ACM and ACMi)IP67/Nema4
Wireless Range / m800m (2,600 ft)500m (1,600 ft)
Power Supply3-18 Vdc or 2xD cell3 Vdc (2xAA)3 Vdc (2xAAA with BB1)
Battery Life at 1 transmission per second*1 year5 months2 months
AntennaANTAANTAPCB Printed
Radio Frequency2.4 GHz
Operating Temperature /˚C-20 to +55-20 to +55-40 to +80
Environmental ProtectionIP67IP50
Module Size / mm164 x 84 x 5780 x 62 x 3476 x 35 x 20
Software & ConfigurationT24 Toolkit & T24LOG100

Product Dimensions

T24-SA Wireless Strain Gauge Transmitter Module Outline Drawing

Case Studies

Tilly the Golden Eagle - Measuring grip force

How to measure grip strength of an eagle for BBC Natural World

Last year, we were asked to design a sensor to measure the grip strength of a golden eagle named Tilly, for the award-winning BBC documentary series, Natural World. Challenge - to find a load cell that could withstand the estimated grip strength of an eagle. As Tilly had been trained to catch and grip a tennis ball, the load cell needed to be small enough to fit inside a similar-sized measuring device yet withstand Tilly's tremendous grip strength. Thanks to their unique design, our DBBSMM miniature s-beam load cells were ideal for the job.  Not only are they very compact but their s-shaped design offers superior side-load rejection and high accuracy.