Wireless Crane Scale | Crane Load Monitoring | ET24 Telemetry Lift Link

Wireless, Robust Crane Scale - Includes an 8 Digit LCD Handheld Display

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ET24 Telemetry Wireless Crane Scale Load Cell and T24-HS Indicator

At a Glance

  • Capacities: 0-1te to 0-500te
  • T24-HS Included
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Carry Case Included
  • Shackles Optional
  • Transmission Distances to 700m
  • Wireless Handheld Display T24-HS Included
  • Water Spray Protection as Standard
  • Robust Signal Integrity from Cutting Edge Wireless Technology
  • Ideal in Multi-Point Lifting Applications – up to 100 load cells!


The ET24 Telemetry Lift Link series is a wireless crane scale designed for under-hook and lifting gear weighing applications, but it also lends itself to cable tension measurement and other in-line weighing applications.

The ET24 wireless crane scale utilises the latest T24 range of telemetry instrumentation which provides superb battery life; 600 hours for the load cell & 40 hours for the handheld display.  Wireless load measurement over distances up to 700 metres is possible, avoiding the need to run vulnerable cables across your site and ensuring that personnel can easily stand at a safe distance during weighing and lifting operations.

The ET24 wireless crane scale can be used on its own, but alternatively, you can use a number of load cells simultaneously to form a multi-point measurement system – the limit is an impressive 100 load cells!

The T24 telemetry instrumentation allows multiple receivers to monitor the load reading simultaneously so, for instance, you can read on a wireless handheld, a PC and an in-cab display.

The wireless crane scale system is supplied complete in a hard carrying case as standard, and can optionally be supplied with either bow or ‘D’ shackles to complement if required.

For applications where wireless crane scales are not necessary, the standard ET Wired Lift Link offers a lower-cost measurement system.

Technical Specifications

Rated Capacity (RC):T0-1, 0-2.5, 0-6.5, 0-12, 0-25, 0-35, 0-55, 0-75, 0-100, 0-150, 0-200, 0-250, 0-300, 0-500
Operating ModesTension Only
Accuracy:% of Rated Capacity<±0.3
Operating Temperature Range:˚C-10 to +50
Safe Overload:% of Rated Capacity150
Ultimate Overload:% of Rated Capacity500 (up to 75t) / 400 (100t to 300t)
IP Rating (Environmental Protection):IP65
Construction Material:Aluminium Alloy
Power Requirements:Handheld: 2 x AA Battery / Load Cell: 4 x AA Battery
Display Type:7 Digit 8.8mm LCD
Transmission Range:700 metres (line of sight)
Display Update Rate:3 per second

Product Dimensions

ET24 Telemetry Wireless Crane Scale Load Cell Outline Drawing
CapacityABCØDEWeightResolutionSafety Factor

All dimensions are in mm

Case Studies

Plaxton Bus Wireless Lift Link Application

Telemetry Lift Link Load Cells Tip the Scales for Plaxton Bus

A multi-channel system was set up using two ET24-5T and two ET24-12T telemetry lift link load cells, two inclinometers (angle sensors) and a T24-BSu base station. ET24 telemetry load cells were attached to each corner of the bus to monitor the load and the two inclinometers were used to measure the incline. Once the bus was lifted, instantaneous measurements were picked-up by a T24-BSu wireless telemetry base station and the data was transmitted straight to the PC or laptop.