Weighing Platform Rectangular| Bench Scales | WPR

Accurate, Robust & IP65 Rated

  • Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
WPRSPM Weighing Platform Bench Scales

At a Glance

  • Capacities: 0-3kg up to 0-500kg
  • IP65 Rated
  • Platform Height Approx. 80mm to Weighing Area
  • Stainless Steel Columns Available
  • Stainless Steel Top Plate
  • Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Base
  • Low Height
  • Ideal for Industrial Applications
  • Overload protection at corners and centre point 


Applied Measurements WPR rectangular weighing platform contains one single-point load cell centrally positioned within the platform. The platform has an overall environmental protection rating of IP65.

The top plate of the weighing platform is constructed of stainless steel and has the option of either a mild steel or stainless steel base.

The weighing platform bench scales WPR offer weighing capacities from 0-3kg to 0-500kg for stainless steel base versions (WPRSPS) and 0-6kg to 0-500kg for mild steel-based versions (WPRSPM).

We can supply WPR weighing platform with stainless steel columns and a signal conditioner or digital display from our range of instrumentation to provide a complete weighing platform system to suit your application.

See our full range of weighing platforms or email us.

Technical Specifications

Capacitykg0-3 up to 0-500
Rated output (RO)mV / V2.0 ± 0.2
Combined error (load cell)
%RO± 0.0230
Safe load limit%Emax150
Ultimate load%Emax300
Zero balance%RO± 2.0
Excitation voltage, recommendedV (DC)10
Excitation voltage, maximumV (DC)15
Input resistance404 ± 10
Output resistance350 ± 3
Insulation resistance (at 50 V DC)MΩ≥ 2000
Compensated temperature range°C- 10...+ 40
Operating temperature range°C- 20...+ 60
Platform ConstructionMild Steel or Stainless Steel
Protection classIP65
Cable Length as Standard

Product Dimensions

WPRSPM3040 Mild Steel300mm x 400mm6kg to 60kg
WPRSPM4050 Mild Steel400mm x 500mm30kg to 60kg
WPRSPM4560 Mild Steel450mm x 600mm30kg to 150kg
WPRSPM6080 Mild Steel600mm x 800mm60kg to 500kg
WPRSPS2430 Stainless Steel240mm x 300mm3kg to 30kg
WPRSPS3040 Stainless Steel300mm x 400mm6kg to 60kg
WPRSPS4050 Stainless Steel400mm x 500mm30kg to 60kg
WPRSPS4560 Stainless Steel450mm x 600mm30kg to 150kg
WPRSPS6080 Stainless Steel600mm x 800mm60kg to 500kg

Ordering Codes & Options

Core ProductDimensionsCapacity (inc Engineering Units)Cable Length (m)Specials CodeResult
WPRSPM Mild Steel300mm x 400mm6kg003000WPRSPM3040-6kg-003-000
WPRSPM Mild Steel400mm x 500mm30kg003000WPRSPM4050-30kg-003-000
WPRSPM Mild Steel450mm x 600mm30kg003000WPRSPM4560-30kg-003-000
WPRSPM Mild Steel600mm x 800mm60kg003000WPRSPM6080-60kg-003-000
WPRSPS Stainless Steel240mm x 300mm3kg003000WPRSPS2430-3kg-003-000
WPRSPS Stainless Steel300mm x 400mm6kg003000WPRSPS3040-6kg-003-000
WPRSPS Stainless Steel400mm x 500mm30kg003000WPRSPS4050-30kg-003-000
WPRSPS Stainless Steel450mm x 600mm30kg003000WPRSPS4560-30kg-003-000
WPRSPS Stainless Steel600mm x 800mm60kg003000WPRSPS6080-60kg-003-000