BlueForce Vertical Extension for Impact Force Tester | Applied Measurements

Ideal for vertical doors

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BlueForce Vertical Extension Accessory Microtronics

At a Glance

  • Extension Accessory for BlueForce Impact force Tester
  • 300mm or 500mm Force Measurements
  • Straight & Angular Extensions also Available
  • Vertical Extension for Microtronics Blueforce Impact Force Tester 
  • For Impact Force Measurements from 500mm or 300mm from Ground
  • Compliant with EN12453
  • Ideal for Vertical Doors (Sectional & Tilting)


Applied Measurements are the only UK approved calibration house for the Microtronics SpeedForce/BlueForce Testers.

The BlueForce Vertical Extension for Microtronics Impact Force Tester enables precise impact force measurements to be taken at varying heights from 500mm or 300mm from ground level, as required by the former European Norm EN12445, now new EN12453.  This is essential for your CE certification of power-operated gates and doors.

Please note: the BlueForce Vertical Extension must be used with the Straight Extension (sold separately).

Higher heights of up to 2.5m can be achieved by inserting one or more pieces from the Angular Extension kit to reach a higher height, also available to buy on our website.

The Vertical Extension is ideal to measure impact force on sectional or tilting vertical doors.