Wireless Serial Output Receiver Module | RS232 | RS485 | T24-SO

8 Channels, Robust, User Defined ASCII Output Module

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T24-SO Wireless Telemetry Serial Output Module

At a Glance

  • 2-Way Radio System
  • Collect Data From Up To 8x T24 Devices
  • User-Configurable Output
  • Range Up To 800 metres
  • IP67 Rated
  • Delivers ASCII Data to a Printer, Display, PC or PLC
  • Ideal for Multi-Channel Applications – Up to 8 Instruments
  • Fast & Easy Wireless Configuration 
  • Immersion Protected to 1 metre for 30 mins
  • For use BOTH Indoors and Outdoors
  • Fantastic Transmission Range – Up to 800 metres! 


The T24-SO wireless serial output receiver module provides an ASCII data string containing information from up to 8 individual T24 wireless telemetry acquisition modules.  This simple ASCII data string can be user-defined and can be read by many common input devices including PCs, data loggers and PLCs.

Configuration of the T24-SO wireless serial output receiver module is performed wirelessly via either the T24-BSu USB Base Station or the T24-BSi Industrial Base Station.

The serial output module is housed within a robust IP67 enclosure suitable for most industrial applications and requires and external DC supply between 9Vdc and 32Vdc.

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Technical Specifications

LicenceLicence Exempt
Modulation MethodMS (QPSK)
Radio TypeTransceiver (2 way)
Data Rate250K bits / second
Radio Frequency2.40002.4835GHz
Channels (DSSS)15
*Tests conducted in an open field site with the transmitter at the top of a 3m pole. The receiver was mounted 1.5m off the ground.
Power Supply Voltage9-32Vdc
Supply Current at 12V100mA
Operating Temperature Range-2055°C
Storage Temperature Range-4085°C
IP Rating (excluding USB connector)IP67/Nema4

Product Dimensions

T24-SO Wireless Serial Output Receiver Module Outline Drawing