Intuitive Indicator Cover | Splash-Proof IP67 Cover | SPC4

Scratch Resistant, IP67 Immersion Protected & Easy to Fit

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SPC4 Intuitive Indicator Cover Splash-Proof IP67

At a Glance

  • Use with ALL Intuitive2 (INT2) and Intuitive4 (INT4) Indicators
  • IP67 Immersion Protection
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Scratch & Impact Resistant
  • 2 x Knurled Captive Screws
  • Same Size Panel Cut-Out as Intuitive Series
  • Compatible with ALL Intuitive2 & Intuitive4 Digital Indicators
  • Fits Most 1/8 DIN Meters
  • Anti-Scratch & Impact Resistant for Clear Viewing
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction for Longer Life
  • Ideal for Harsh Industrial Environments
  • Easy to Install Using Two Knurled Captive Screws
  • Low Cost
  • 3 Year Warranty


The SPC4 intuitive indicator cover is IP67 splash-proof and dust-tight making it ideal to use in harsh industrial environments.  It is compatible with ALL Intuitive2 and Intuitive4 series of digital indicators and most other manufacturers 1/8 DIN meters.  Its robust construction and uses corrosion-resistant materials ensuring longer life and less maintenance.

Easy installation is achieved as the panel cutout is the standard size for the panel meters so no changes to the panel meter are needed in order to fit the cover.  The two knurled captive screws hold the intuitive indicator cover firmly in place whilst also enabling easy access to the intuitive when needed.  The two screws resist front and side-impact.

In addition, the window and the holding frame of the cover are also moulded from a high impact resistant material.  The female threaded sections are made from marine brass and are moulded deep into the frame itself.  To guarantee an IP67 sealing highly flexible and resilient neoprene gaskets are firmly bonded to the inner and outer faces of the frame.  The covers are coated with a special anti-scuff treatment to ensure clear viewing of the intuitive panel.

We can also offer a PCC portable desktop enclosure which is available from 1 up to 12-panel meters as standard.  Request pricing from our technical sales team today.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Intuitive Indicator Cover SPC4 Splash-Proof IP67 Outline Drawing