Ultra-Low Differential Pressure Sensor | Dry/Dry | PR3202LR

Very Low Range Differential Measurement of Dry, Non-Corrosive Gases

  • Lead Time: 6-8 weeks
Ultra Low Range Differential Pressure Sensor PR3202LR

At a Glance

  • Ranges: 0-0.25mbar up to 0-4.9mbar
  • Outputs: 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc
  • Line / Common Mode Pressure: 650mbar max. (range dependent)
  • Accuracy: <±1%/FS
  • Very Low-Pressure Measurements in Dry/Dry Environments 
  • Ideal for Static Duct Pressure, HVAC, Pharmaceutical & Clean-Room Pressure Applications
  • Stainless Steel Capacitive Sensing Element
  • Robust IP65 Rated Enclosure


The PR3202LR ultra-low range sensor accurately measures differential pressure from as little as 0-0.25mbar to an accuracy of better than ±1% of full scale. Thanks to the PR3202LRs stainless steel capacitive sensing element, the sensor requires minimal amplification which provides excellent accuracy and long-term stability.

It is enclosed in an IP65 / NEMA 4 plastic glass-filled polycarbonate UL94v-0 case enabling it to withstand many harsh environments. Zero and span adjustments are accessible inside the case allowing for easy on-site adjustment if required.

The PR3202LR ultra low range differential pressure sensor is designed for tiny pressure measurements of dry, non-corrosive gases in applications such as HVAC systems, clean room monitoring and over pressurisation, static duct pressure and energy management systems.

This ultra-low range differential pressure sensor comes with 3/16″ OD barbed brass pressure connections to suit flexible hose, while electrical connection is made via a cable gland to internal screw terminals.

Technical Specifications

PR3202LR Output Signal & Supply VoltageNumber of WiresOutputSupply Voltage
PR3202LR2-wire4-20mA9 + 0.02 x total load to 30 + 0.004 x total load (Vdc)
PR3202LR3-wire0-5Vdc12 to 40Vdc
PR3202LR3-wire0-10Vdc13 to 40Vdc
Accuracy Class (non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)% Full Scale Output±1.0
Non-Linearity, BFSL% Full Scale±0.98
Hysteresis% Full Scale±0.10
Non Repeatability% Full Scale±0.05
Compensated Range°C+5 to +65
Zero Offset & Span Shift%/Full Scale Output/°C±0.06
Maximum Line Pressurembar650
Overpressurembar650 max (range-dependent)
Long Term Stability%/Full Scale Output0.1
Operating Temperature˚C-18 to +65
Storage Temperature˚C-54 to +82
Media CompatibilityDry non-corrosive gas only
CasePlastic glass-fillled polycarbonate UL94V-0
Electrical TerminationScrew terminal strip inside of case
Electrical ConnectionCable Gland
Zero & Span AdjustmentAccessible inside of case
Environmental ProtectionIP65

Product Dimensions

PR3202LR Ultra Low Range Differential Pressure Transducer Side View Outline Dimensions
PR3202LR Ultra Low Range Differential Pressure Transducer Front View Outline Dimensions

Ordering Codes & Options

PR3202-2.5mbar-AA-00-000 (example code)PR3202LR-2.5mbar-AA-00-000
Product Family
Electrical Output
Blank = 4-20mA (2-wire)Blank
V5 = 0-5Vdc (3-wire)V5
V10 = 0-10Vdc (3-wire)V10
Electrical Connection
Blank = Cable Gland
Pressure Range
2.5mbar = 0 to 2.5mbar differential-2.5mbar
M1P1mbar = -1 to +1mbar differential-M1P1mbar
Process Connection
A = Male Hose Barb Fittings (suit 4mm ID hose)-A
Housing Type
A = StandardA
Cable Length
00 = None-00
01 = 1 metre-01
Specials Code
000 = No Special Requirements-000