Wireless Telemetry Active Repeater Module | T24-AR

Increase Coverage, Extend Range up to 1600 Metres in a Robust Enclosure.

  • Lead Time: 1 week
T24-AR Wireless Telemetry Active Repeater Module

At a Glance

  • Extends Transmission Range up to 2x
  • Helps Transmit Around Obstacles
  • 5-18Vdc or Battery-Powered (2x ‘D’ Cells)
  • Transparent Operation
  • IP67 Rated
  • Delivers Communication Around Obstacles 
  • Ideal if There is No Direct Line of Sight
  • Enhances Transmission Range up to 800m!
  • Fast & Easy Wireless Configuration 
  • Suitable for Industrial Environments
  • Immersion Protected to 1 metre for 30 mins
  • For use BOTH Indoors and Outdoors 


The T24-AR wireless telemetry active repeater module is designed to extend the transmission range of any T24 acquisition module by up to 2 times, or two allow the signal to pass around buildings and other structures.

Each relay features latching, inversion and hysteresis functionality, and there is also an alarm relay that is triggered by communication loss or any other user-selected error.

Configuration of the T24-AR is performed wirelessly via either the T24-BSu USB Base Station or the T24-BSi Industrial Base Station in conjunction with the T24 Telemetry Toolkit Software.

The wireless telemetry active repeater module is housed within a robust IP67 enclosure suitable for most industrial applications and requires either an external DC supply of between 5Vdc and 18Vdc or 2x internally mounted ‘D’ cell batteries.

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Technical Specifications

LicenceLicence Exempt
Modulation MethodMS (QPSK)
Radio TypeTransceiver (2 way)
Data Rate250K bits / second
Radio Frequency2.42.4835GHz
Channels (DSSS)15
*Tests conducted in an open field site with the transmitter at the top of a 3m pole. The receiver was mounted 1.5m off the ground.
Power Supply
Battery Life Pair DD Cells permanently activated240Hours
Standyby / Low Power Mode520µA
Normal Mode on Constantly5560mA
Reverse Polarity Protection-32Vdc
Internal Battery Supply Voltage (D Cells)2.133.6Vdc
External Power Supply Voltage (Optional Use)5-18Vdc
External Power Supply Ripple50Mv ac pk-pk
Operating Temperature Range-20-+55**°C
Storage Temperature Range-40-85°C
IP RatingIP67 / NEMA 4
**Check operating temperature of batteries intended for use, as batteries used may have reduced operating temperature range.

Product Dimensions

T24-AR Wireless Telemetry Active Repeater Module Outline Drawing