Vented Junction Box | AML-VJB

Allows breather tube to be securely terminated inside the box.

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AML-VJB Vented Junction Box

At a Glance

  • IP65 Protection Rating
  • 2x M16x1.5 Cable Glands
  • 5 x DIN Rail Terminals
  • Dimensions: 115 x 90 x 55mm
  • Vented to Compensate for Atmospheric Pressure
  • Prevent Moisture Build-Up 
  • Secure Screwed Lid & Seal
  • Fast Sensor Cable Connection with Screw Connections


Applied Measurements vented junction box AML-VJB is designed to be used with submersible level sensors. Its 2x M16x1.5 cable glands allow your sensor’s breather tube to be easily and securely terminated inside the junction box.

The M12 vent filter valve on the vented junction box ensures moisture build-up is prevented as the moisture will not be drawn into the cable vent and back to your sensor’s electronics. Plus, this means that the air inside the junction box is as per the barometric pressure of the day, allowing for changes in pressure without affecting the accuracy of the readings.

The vented junction box is housed in a rugged IP65 dust-tight enclosure and features a secure, screwed lid and seal on the lid.

Plus, the inside of the junction box contains 5 x DIN Rail allowing you to easily connect the sensor cables to your extension cables with the screw connections.  The screw connections mean that you can use lower-cost cables in place of higher-priced vented submersible cables, saving you money.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)

Vented junction box aml-vjb outline