Count Rate Digital Indicator | High Accuracy | Intuitive4-C

Accurate & Precise, Industrial Counting & RPM Measurement

  • Lead Time: 1 week AC powered
    4-5 weeks DC powered
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Intuitive4-L Load Cell Digital Indicator

At a Glance

  • 6-Digit LED Display (±199999)
  • Accepts Standard Pulse Signals
  • 20-bit A/D Converter
  • Environmental Protection: IP65 (when installed)
  • Options: Alarm Relays, Analogue & Digital Outputs
  • Customisation Of Software
  • Accepts Standard Pulse Signals from NPN, PNP, Contact Closure, 24Vdc and 5Vdc
  • New Single Layer Menu for Easier Setup 
  • Compatible With Existing INT2 Series
  • Modular Construction Saves You Money
  • Superior Resolution Guaranteed – 20-bit A/D Converter
  • Ideal to use in Demanding Environments
  • Waterproof Front Panel Cover Optional


Note: All DC powered units are currently on a lead time of 4-5 weeks due to component shortages.

The intuitive4-C count rate digital indicator is precise, accurate and ideal for industrial counting, conveyor speed measurement, RPM measurements, frequency measurement, angle, position or length measurement.  It accepts standard pulse signals from NPN, PNP, contact closure, 24Vdc and 5Vdc.

The Intuitive4-C count rate digital indicator utilises a modular construction technique enabling it to be configured with the exact functionality required for your application, ensuring that you only pay for the features that you need. The INT4-C features a single layer menu structure for easier setup and improved load cell and process filtering.

The load cell readout is provided by a 6-digit LED display (also configurable with 3, 4 or 5 digits if preferred) coupled with an ultra-high resolution 20-bit A/D converter and highly stable strain gauge bridge excitation source to provides superb resolution and stability in any application.

Options available include voltage or current analogue outputs, 2 or 4 alarm relays and a serial data output in one of several formats including RS232 ASCII, RS485 ASCII and RS485 ModBus RTU, making this a truly flexible count rate digital indicator.

The INT4-C is fully compatible with the INT2 series with its same front panel design, dimensions and connections, enabling easy transition to the newer versions.

Should you require portability, a compact desktop enclosure the PCC, is also available to compliment the Intuitive4-C count rate digital indicator, or any other model from the Intuitive4 range.  In addition, the SPC4 an IP67 immersion guaranteed front panel cover is available for harsh environments.

As its name implies, the Intuitive4-C count rate digital indicator is simple to install and calibrate using just the 4 front panel buttons and on-display prompts. The old ‘easy’ and ‘advanced’ menu systems have been made into one layer to make it simpler to use.

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Technical Specifications

Display6 digit, 7 segment LED, 14mm high (-199999 to +199999)
Resolution1:400,000 max. (bipolar)
Display Update Rate:10/second
Accuracy<±0.05% of range for rate/frequency
<±0.1% of range analogue output
Bridge Excitation24Volts dc
Maximum Excitation Current60mA
Input RangeNPN, PNP, contact closure, 24V logic, 5V logic. Up to 50kHz.
Digital Filtering0 to 5 (adjustable)Seconds effective time constant
Display Count By1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 digits (selectable)
Analogue Output (Optional)±10Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA
Operating Temperature0 to +50˚C
Thermal DriftSpan = 25, Zero = 30ppm/˚C
Operating Voltage100-240VAC (11-30VDC optional)
Environmental ProtectionIP65 (IP67 optional with the SPC4 cover)
Panel Cutout1/8 DIN (92mm x 45mm + I/-0)
FeaturesTare facility, peak & valley detection, 10-point linearisation, 1 program memory (8 optional)
Trip Outputs (optional)2x or 4x relays rated 5A @ 250Vac, 2x SPCO, 2x or 4x solid state
Serial Data Output (optional)RS232 (ASCII) / RS485 (ASCII or ModBus RTU)

Product Dimensions

Intuitive4-C Count Rate Digital Indicator Outline Drawing
PCC1W200mm x H65mm x D185mm
PCC2W300mm x H65mm x D185mm
PCC4W300mm x H145mm x D220mm
PCC6W510mm x H145mm x D220mm
PCC12W685mm x H240mm x D280mm

Ordering Codes & Options

Product Family
Input Version
L = Load Cell InputL
P = Process InputP
C = Counter/Rate InputC
Analogue Output
0 = None Fitted0
ANI = 4-20mAANI
ANV = 0-10Vdc (uni-polar)ANV
ANB = ±10Vdc (bi-polar)ANB
Alarm Relays
0 = None Fitted0
AL2 = 2 x Alarm RelaysAL2
AL4 = 4 x Alarm RelaysAL4
SPCO = 2 x SPCO RelaysSPCO
DSS = 2 x Solid State RelaysDSS
QSS = 4x Solid State RelaysQSS
Serial Data Output
0 = None Fitted0
232 = RS232 ASCII232
485 = RS485 ASCII485
Display Colour
R = RedR
RDLV = Red for Daylight ViewingRDLV
G = GreenG
Supply Voltage
AC = 100-240Vac Universal Mains SupplyAC
DC = 11-30VdcDC
Additional & Special Features
0 = None0
100mV = 100mV Input (INT4-L only)100mV
100X = Fast Version with 100 Updates/Second100X
5VEXC = 5V Excitation Output5VEXC
DIN = DIN Rail Mounting OptionDIN
H = Real Time Clock ModuleH
HB = 1/2 Bridge Input for Load Cell MetersHB
MEM = 8 Calibration Memory (8 different load cells) - Requires 8-way SwitchMEM
NAMUR = Namur Pulse Input for Counters/RatemetersNAMUR
PBEXT = Connection for 4 External Programming ButtonsPBEXT
PL = Plain Front Cover (no buttons)PL
POT = 3 Wire Potentiometer Input (INT4-P only)POT
SPC4 = IP67 Front Panel CoverSPC4
xxxmV = Alternative Input Sensitivity on INT2-L (5, 10, 30, 100 or 300mV/V)xxxmV
Speak to Sales = Other special features will be determined by sales.????