Fault Monitoring Load Cell Junction Box | 4-Way | Summing Box | LCI

Advanced, Continuous and Instant, Load Cell Fault Diagnostics

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LCI Fault Monitoring Load Cell Junction Box

At a Glance

  • Individual Load Cell Monitoring
  • Up to 4 Load Cells
  • Robust IP65-rated ABS Enclosure
  • 5Vdc and 10Vdc Operation
  • Power Supplied from Host Instrument
  • Red 4 Digit LED Fault Display
  • Continuous Fault Monitoring of up to 4 Load Cells
  • Instant Alarm and Fault Diagnostics for Fast Repairs
  • Ideal for Multi Load Cell Applications
  • Reduces Batch Wastage and Costly Downtime 
  • Fast & Simple Installation with Screw Connection Terminals 
  • Suitable for Harsh Environments – Dust & Water Jet Protection


The advanced LCI fault monitoring load cell junction box delivers continuous and immediate alarm and fault monitoring for up to 4 strain gauge based transducers providing increased safety and costs savings. This LCI fault monitoring junction box is fantastic for multi-load cell applications as it can monitor the millivolt signals from each load cell making sure they all match. Typical applications include weighing platforms, weighbridges and vessel weighing systems.

The LCI continually monitors each individual load cell and activates an alarm when faults in the system are detected. The red 4 digits LED display shows a code that tells you which load cell is at fault and what the fault is enabling fast repairs to be carried out with minimal downtime. This also prevents batch wastage, overflow and material shortage due to a failure of an individual load cell.

The LCI fault monitoring load cell junction box uses the same excitation supply of the connected instrumentation so it does not need any additional power cables. It also now supports both 5Vdc and 10Vdc supply for lower power consumption.

The LCI fault monitoring load cell junction box can be supplied in an IP65 ABS field case with six M16 cable glands, making the LCI suitable for use in harsh environments requiring a sealing rating up to IP65.

For applications where the only interconnection is required, the passive AMLJBNA load cell junction box offers a lower-cost option.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply Voltage4-12 Vdc (derived from host instrument)
Power Supply Current80 mA (excluding load cell excitation current)
Load Cell Excitation 350R Load Cell4-12 V (derived from host instrument)
Load Cell Resistance (Typically 350-700R)300-1000 Ohms
Load Cell Sensitivity1.0-5.0 mV/V
Number of Load Cells Selectable1-4
Output Load (Host Input Impedance)1M Ohms
Bandwidth (LCI Display Only)100 Hz
Zero Temperature Coefficient (Derived from Host Instrument LCI Display Only) @ 2mV/V @ 4V Excitation0.008 %FR/°C
Span Temperature Coefficient (Derived from Host Instrument LCI Display Only)0.001 %FR/°C
Linearity0.03 %FR
Scan Speed for Alarm Output (4 Cells)40 ms
Display Range±50 mV
Relay Contacts SPCO Current (Normally Energized)1A 30 Vdc or 1A 120Vac
mV Measurement Accuracy Individual Cell (Derived from Host Instrument LCI Display Only)±0.1 mV
Operating Temperature Range-10 to +55˚C
Storage Temperature Range-40 to +95˚C
Maximum Humidity95% Maximum
IP RatingIP65/NEMA4
European EMC Directive2014/30/EU
BS EN 61326 - 1:2013
BS EN 61326- 2-3: 2013

Product Dimensions

LCI Load Cell Junction Box with Fault Monitoring Outline Drawing

Ordering Codes

Core Product
LCILoad Cell Integrity Box Supplied in IP65 ABS Enclosure with Transparent Lid
LCPLCI OEM without Enclosure (PCB Only)