Wireless Modbus Gateway | RTU | ASCII | RS232 / RS485 | T24-GW1

Gathers Data from up to 100 Transmitters

  • Lead Time: 1 week
T24-RM1 Wireless Relay Module

At a Glance

  • For Use With All Single Value Data Provider T24 Acquisition Modules
  • Standard Serial Interface
  • Modbus & ASCII Serial Output
  • Compact
  • Black IP67-Rated Enclosure
  • Requires 9-32Vdc Supply
  • Collects Data from up to 100 Transmitter Modules
  • Standard Serial Interface 
  • Uses Modbus RTU or Simple ASCII Protocols
  • Easy Wireless Monitoring – No Cables Required 
  • Ideal for Multi-Sensor Applications
  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • Fantastic Transmission Range – Up to 800 metres! 
  • Waterproof Enclosure – IP67 Protection


The T24-GW1 wireless modbus gateway collects serial data from up to 100 separate T24 wireless transmitter modules in a monitoring system and provides an RS232/RS485 interface using either the Modbus RTU protocol or a simple ASCII protocol to allow users to collect the data with PC, PLC or other SCADA data acquisition system for further analysis.  The T24-GW1 wireless gateway module has a range of up to 800 metres.

The T24-GW1 wireless modbus gateway can provide some simple commands to the wireless transmitters.  The T24-GW1 can command the wireless transmitter modules to ‘wake’, ‘sleep’ and ‘stay awake’ if required.

TheT24-GW1 wireless modbus gateway comes housed in an IP67 weatherproof enclosure which is suitable for mounting in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Please note: The T24-GW1 will NOT act as a base station and cannot be used to configure T24 modules. It will support all transmitter modules that deliver a single value in their Data Provider packets. The T24-GW1 does not support the T24-SAf.

The T24 range of wireless telemetry instrumentation works with any of our wide range of transducers and sensors that we offer and can come calibrated as a complete wireless setup.  Please contact our expert sales team using the quick enquiry form on the right, call us on +44 (0) 1189 817339, or send an email to info@appmeas.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply
Power Supply Voltage9 to 32Vdc
Supply Current at 12V (typical)100mA
Radio TypeLicence Exempt Transceiver
Radio Frequency2.4GHz
Transmit Power10mW
Rangeup to 800m
Operating Temperature Range-20 to +55°C
Storage Temperature Range-40 to 85°C
Maximum Humidity95% non condensing
IP Rating (excluding USB connector)IP67/Nema4

Product Dimensions

T24-GW1 Wireless Modbus Gateway Outline Drawing