Miniature USB Wireless Receiver | Telemetry Base Station | T24-BSu

Miniature, Desktop, Wireless, Base Station up to 500 metres!

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T24-BSU Miniature USB Wireless Receiver Base Station

At a Glance

  • Simple USB Device
  • Very Compact
  • Black IP50-Rated ABS Enclosure
  • Field Connection Terminals
  • Powered From USB Port
  • Easy Wireless Monitoring – For ALL T24 Acquisition Modules
  • Simple to Use – ‘Plug & Play’ USB Connection
  • Ideal to use in Tight Spaces – Only 76mm in Length!
  • Compact – Perfect for Desktop or Wall Mounting
  • Fast Configuration – Via USB Port
  • Fantastic Transmission Range – Up to 500 metres! 


The T24-BSu miniature USB wireless receiver / telemetry base station allows configuration of any of the T24 wireless telemetry modules via a PC or laptop using the T24 Telemetry Toolkit Software which is included.

The T24-BSu miniature USB wireless receiver / telemetry base station can also be used to collect data from as many T24 acquisition modules as you have in your system to provide wireless data logging functionality.

PC / laptop connection is made via USB and power supply is derived from USB bus, eliminating the need for additional wires.

The miniature IP50 enclosure is suited to desktop and wall-mounting.  If you require a tougher base station with improved environmental protection, the IP65-rated T24-BSi industrial base station offers the ideal alternative.

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Technical Specifications

LicenceLicence Exempt
Modulation MethodMS (QPSK)
Radio TypeTransceiver (2 way)
Data Rate250K bits / second
Radio Frequency2.40002.4835GHz
Channels (DSSS)15
*Tests conducted in an open field site with the transmitter at the top of a 3m pole. The receiver was mounted 1.5m off the ground.
Power Supply
USB Power Supply Voltage4.87555.125Vdc (As defined by USB 2.0 spec)
USB Bus Powered Operational Current-100-mA
Operating Temperature Range-20-55°C
Storage Temperature Range-40-85°C
IP RatingIP50

Product Dimensions

T24-BSu Miniature USB Wireless Receiver / Telemetry Base Station Outline Drawing

Case Studies

Plaxton Bus Wireless Lift Link Application

Telemetry Lift Link Load Cells Tip the Scales for Plaxton Bus

A multi-channel system was set up using two ET24-5T and two ET24-12T telemetry lift link load cells, two inclinometers (angle sensors) and a T24-BSu base station. ET24 telemetry load cells were attached to each corner of the bus to monitor the load and the two inclinometers were used to measure the incline. Once the bus was lifted, instantaneous measurements were picked-up by a T24-BSu wireless telemetry base station and the data was transmitted straight to the PC or laptop.


Equine Tension Load Cell

Force Measurement Determines The Effect of Girth Tension on Horse Gait

Using electrical systems for the measurement of mechanical forces is by no means limited to machines and laboratory based applications. In her recently completed research thesis ‘Girth Tensions and their Effects on Equine Stride Characteristics’, Sue Wright of Moulton College Northampton used load cells, motion sensors and GPS amongst other technologies to measure and record the tension within the girth strap used to hold the saddle in place.