Load Cell Digital Indicator | Panel Mount | INT2-L

At a Glance

  • 6-Digit LED Display (±199999)
  • Input: up to 4mV/V as standard (up to 300mV/V on request)
  • Environmental Protection: IP65 (when installed)
  • 10Vdc Load Cell Excitation @ 120mA max. Powers up to 4x 350Ω Load Cells
  • Options: Alarm Relays, Analogue & Digital Outputs
  • Customisation Of Software
  • Portable Desktop Enclosure
  • Ideal Replacement for Druck DPI 280 & 281 Indicators


The Intuitive2-L load cell digital indicator utilises a modular construction technique enabling it to be configured with the exact functionality required for your application, ensuring that you only pay for the features that you need.

The load cell readout is provided by a 6-digit LED display coupled with an ultra-high resolution 20-bit A/D converter and highly stable strain gauge bridge excitation source to provide superb resolution and stability in any application.

As its name implies, the Intuitive2-L load cell digital indicator is simple to install and calibrate using just the 4 front panel buttons and on-display prompts – there are no tricky menus to navigate.

Options available include voltage or current analogue outputs, 2 or 4 alarm relays and a serial data output in one of several formats including RS232, RS485 and Ethernet, making this a truly flexible load cell digital indicator.

Should you require portability, a compact desktop enclosure, the PCC, is also available to suit the Intuitive2 load cell digital indicator, or any other model from the Intuitive2 range.

The Intuitive2-L is an ideal replacement for the now obsolete Druck DPI 280 and DPI 281 indicators as it can be configured to provide all of the same functionality.  Please contact our sales team via info@appmeas.co.uk or on 01189 817339 to discuss your requirements.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions

Intuitive2-L Load Cell Digital Indicator Outline Drawing

Case Studies

Scale Engineering Wind Tunnel

How to Improve Aerodynamics with our Single Point Load Cells and Digital Indicators

The Scale Wind Tunnel uses two single point load cells and Intuitive2-L digital indicators enabling students to test the aerodynamics of scale models. Read how they did it.


Silo Weighing Application

Applied Measurements Builds Weighing System for Packaged Biomass Plantrooms

The weighing systems comprise of between 6 and 8 silo mount-style load cell weighing assemblies depending on the size of the plant, all of which are then wired into a bespoke junction box. The signal from the junction box feeds into an Intuitive2-L panel mounted digital display that provides a local weight reading in the biomass plantroom.