Equivalent Impress Sensors
Pressure Sensors
by Applied Measurements

Pressure Sensors Pa600
Do you have an Impress Sensors & Systems pressure sensor that needs replacing?

We can help.

Give us your Impress Sensors part code and we can supply you an equivalent pressure sensor made in the UK.

Applied Measurements UK-Manufactured Pressure Sensors

We can supply you with reliable and precise, Applied Measurements UK-manufactured pressure sensors to replace your Impress Sensors & Systems pressure sensors.

Take a look at our pressure sensor replacements below or give us the Impress Sensors part code (found on the side of your Impress Sensors pressure sensor) and we can supply you with an equivalent pressure sensor.

For more than 30 years, Applied Measurements have been supplying top-quality pressure sensors to every corner of industry from aerospace, geotechnical, and subsea to R&D.

Plus, to guarantee our top quality, Applied Measurements are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certified for the design, manufacture and distribution of transducers and measuring systems, certificate number FS 677584.

Pa642P Pressure Sensor with Mini DIN Plug & Socket Connection

Pa642 4-20mA Output Pressure Sensor

Impress Sensors IMP-Gxxxx-5A4-AAV-00-000 Industrial Pressure Transmitter Equivalent.

4-20mA Output, Mini-DIN Plug

Pa607M Pressure Sensor with M12 Connector

Pa607 2mV/V Output Pressure Sensor

Impress Sensors IMP-G****-2A2-GAV Industrial Pressure Transmitter Equivalent.

2mV/V Output, M12x1 4-pin Connector

Pa993D-SDI-12 Output Depth Sensor

Pa993 SDI-12 Output Submersible Depth Sensor

S12S SDI-12 Submersible Level Transmitter Impress Sensors Equivalent

SDI-12 Communications IP68 Pressure and Temperature Sensor

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