Applied Measurements Equivalent Impress Sensors Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors Pa600
Do You Have An Impress Sensors & Systems Pressure Sensor That Needs Replacing?

We Can Help.

Applied Measurements UK-Manufactured Pressure Sensors

We can supply you with reliable and precise, Applied Measurements UK manufactured pressure sensors to replace your Impress Sensors & Systems pressure sensors.

For more than 30 years, Applied Measurements have been supplying top quality pressure sensors to every corner of industry from aerospace, geotechnical, subsea to R&D.

Plus, to guarantee our top quality, Applied Measurements are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certified for the design, manufacture and distribution of transducers and measuring systems, certificate number FS 677584.

Pa642P Pressure Sensor with Mini DIN Plug & Socket Connection

Pa642 4-20mA Output Pressure Sensor

Impress Sensors IMP-Gxxxx-5A4-AAV-00-000 Industrial Pressure Transmitter Equivalent.

4-20mA Output, Mini-DIN Plug

Pa607M Pressure Sensor with M12 Connector

Pa607 2mV/V Output Pressure Sensor

Impress Sensors IMP-G****-2A2-GAV Industrial Pressure Transmitter Equivalent.

2mV/V Output, M12x1 4-pin Connector

Pa993D-SDI-12 Output Depth Sensor

Pa993 SDI-12 Output Submersible Depth Sensor

S12S SDI-12 Submersible Level Transmitter Impress Sensors Equivalent

SDI-12 Communications IP68 Pressure and Temperature Sensor

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