Accurate S-Beam Load Cell Measures Cable Tension of Light Aircraft

PROJECT – Verifying Cable Tension of Light Aircraft

Checking cable tension using DBBSM s-beam load cell close upIn light aircraft the flight control system must have correctly adjusted cables to maintain correct rudder movement, smooth direction and precise level and control of flight.

Cable tension checks and maintenance are regularly carried out using an aircraft tension meter.  This is essential in the safety and operation of any light aircraft.

These aircraft tension meters need to be accurately calibrated to guarantee the safe flight of the aircraft.

Solution – Our High Accuracy DBBSM S-Beam Load Cells

Cable Tension Rig DiagramWe supplied Calmet Laboratory Services with a DBBSM-1000kg S-beam load cell to compare the cable tension readings of the aircraft tension meters when applying tension to a cable.

“The DBBSM S-beam load cell is ideal to verify the tension readings from the aircraft tension meter due to their superb accuracy of 0.03% of the rated capacity,”

Reece Carter, Calmet Laboratory Services, explains.

How Did They Do It

Calmet Laboratory Services secured a length of cable to a test rig with a DBBSM-1000kg S-beam load cell attached at one end of the rig (see image above).  Once the load is applied to the cable in tension, the cable tension readings are taken by both the DBBSM-1000kg load cell and the aircraft tension meter.

These readings are then sent to the DSCUSB strain gauge digitiser direct to the PC for fast data analysis.  By using our free logging software they were able to analyse and compare the readings from both the DBBSM-1000kg S-beam load cell and the aircraft tension meter to determine the accuracy of the aircraft tension meter.

High Accuracy DBBSM S-Beam Load Cell

  • DBBSM s-beam load cellHigh Accuracy ±0.03%/RC
  • Both Tension and Compression Measuring
  • Optimum Performance with Dual Bending Beam and Shear Web Designs
  • Ideal for Industrial Environments
  • Fast Installation with Standard or Customised Mounting Bases and Fixtures
  • IP67 Waterproof Versions Available
  • Custom Versions Available

The DBBSM series of S-beam load cells are precise, robust and easily customisable to suit your application. They are designed for force and load measuring and can be used in both tension and compression. They are ideal to use on tensile testing rigs, cable tension applications, suspended hoppers and geotechnical test equipment.

The DBBSM-1000kg features a dual bending beam sensing design to guarantee its high performance. Capacities of higher than 2500kg use a shear web sensing design. Both these designs ensure optimum performance and high accuracy of the load cell.

The DBBSM-1000kg S-beam load cell’s stainless steel construction, IP65 environmental protection and robust 4-core polyurethane cable made it ideal for Calmet Laboratory’s industrial environment.

Performance can be further improved with our specially designed rod end bearings for use when tensile forces are being applied and load buttons for use in compression.  These work to reduce extraneous forces on the load cell by aligning the forces through the centre of the load cell.

DSCUSB – Fast, Easy USB Connection of a Transducer Direct to your PC

DSCUSB USB Load Cell Digitiser
DSCUSB delivers high speed readings direct to the PC.
  • Simple USB Connection
  • Easy to Use – Simply Plug & Play
  • Cost Saving – No Need for Additional Amplifiers
  • Works With Any Full-Bridge Strain Gauge Sensors
  • Fast Data Analysis – With Direct USB Connection
  • FREE Downloadable Logging Software
  • No External Power Supply Required
  • ASCII Protocol
  • High Speed: 100 Readings/Second max.
  • High Stability with 1 Part in 200,000 Resolution

In Calmet’s application the cable tension readings from the DBBSM s-beam load cell were sent to the DSCUSB strain gauge digitiser.  The DSCUSB strain gauge signal digitiser is a USB load cell interface designed to convert strain gauge transducer inputs into a digital USB serial output.

The DSCUSB delivers fast data analysis via a direct USB connection to the PC.  It’s easy to use as you simply plug the device with no additional cables and instrumentation needed.  The DSCUSB strain gauge digitiser works with any strain gauge bridge transducer and gives high speed readings of 100 readings/second.

The results can then be analysed instantly using the FREE downloadable logging software.  These high speed readings meant that the results from both the aircraft tension meter and dbbsm s-beam load cell could be compared and analysed immediately.  The logging software also allows the user to log data to a spreadsheet compatible CSV file at rated up to 100Hz.

If you have an application you wish to discuss with us, please contact our technical sales team.